50% off Ray-Bans at Jomashop!

  1. Head over to Jomashop today through October 19th and check out the massive Ray-Ban sale!!!

    Up to 50% off. CLICK HERE TO SHOP :happydance:
  2. Is this a trusted site? Looks a little fishy to me (no offense if it's a trusted site, I've just never heard about it before, and they're selling a lot of super high end stuff).
  3. they're legit, have bought from them before and did my research beforehand:smile:
  4. Megs and Vlad would never post a site that sells fakes! I too, have bought from them-they are reputable.
  5. That's right. Jomashop is a reputable site that does not sell fakes.
  6. Go to accessories and then sunglasses.

    I found it took me to chanel too.
  7. Well they might be reputable? but they don't offer any guarantee except there own. Kind of sucks if you buy an expensive watch.
  8. Thank you for the confirmation :smile: