50% off orders over $100 at Stylefly.ca! Sun./Mon. only

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  1. Hello all!
    To help you with your Christmas shopping (and shopping for yourselves, he he he), we've got a code for 50% off your total order over $100. The code is HOHOHO at Stylefly Boutique . Enjoy!:smile:
  2. that's right! it did help with my christmas shopping and myself, except i didn't know that when i initially put in a quantity of 3, before putting it in "the cart", it will automatically change back to 1. so i only bought 1 purse hanger, opposed to 3. :hrmm: i know, i should have checked the list before confirming my purchase, but i saw most of the stuff i wanted flew from "in stock" to "out of stock", and i was afraid it would steal from my cart, so i checked out as soon as possible. :roflmfao: oh wells, i got some pretty kick-ass deals!
  3. :smile: It was a pleasure chatting with you and thanks for your order! It has been crazy since the sale was posted- I've never done a code this big and didn't know what to expect. I am getting in a ton of new arrivals but have a space crunch and can't get into a bigger space until February- so shop away and enjoy :smile:!