50% off orders on Bluebeeonline.com

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  1. I saw it on reeseycakes.com
  2. Has anyone ever ordered from there?
  3. is there a promo code to use during checkout??
  4. I looked on Reesycakes.com and it appears that the coupon code to use is JessStyle1
  5. Has anyone tried this? I tried checking out to see if you can even add a coupon code, and I didn't see how you would do it.

    Reesycakes.com has users submit coupon codes and this one sounds too good to be true.
  6. i didn't see a box to enter a coupon code either
  7. yeah i tried placing an order and i couldnt find it either
  8. In the future, please try to confirm a coupon code, or make sure it is from a reputable source before you post it.

    Also, according to the site "reesycakes" the expiration date for this code was Oct. 29th (the day before you posted it). So who knows if it ever worked, and it sure wouldn't now.
  9. wow, such a serious issue, sorry chemlex
  10. No problems!! It would have been cool if we met the deadline-- keep your eyes out for something similar txlady! :smile: