50% off on CHLOE Edith bags!!

  1. are these authentic...do they ship to the US
  2. ^Yes...and Yes! :flowers:
  3. Does any one know how much is US customs for a $500 handbag if shipping from this site?
  4. I think you don't pay for the first $1000... anything over will be 10-11% custom..
  5. THis may be a stupid question but how do you convert to US dollars? Thanks :smile:
  6. Try xe.com. It's a currency converter.
  7. I can't speak for the edith, but when they had the Chloe paddies 50% off, I placed an order and then cancelled it after finding out from Fedex that the custom and duties would be like $250. If you are in the states, I would double-check before I ordered because you can beat the LVR price (with customs/duties) at one of the Neiman Marcus/ Nordstroms sales.

    As far as conversion goes, I usually just estimate 2 euros/pounds for every one dollar.
  8. i think its 1,3 Euro for 1 Dollar.
  9. Why must this be overseas!!! :crybaby:
  10. The large Edith converts to approx. $800.00. I've seen some onsale in the US for less, and without the fees!
  11. its a great deal for european buyers. customs are pretty high overseas.
    compared to the sales in the US, stores in europe don´t go that low with their prices. :crybaby:
  12. Wow, a crocodile Edith at a great price (for a crocodile Edith!). I'm drooling and wish I could have that bag, but totally out of my price bracket. :cry:
  13. ok so 458 would be in the 650 range in us dollars?
  14. yes its about 650 dollar. but you might look up how much they charge for customs since its an overseas shipment.