50% off Mulberry at LVR

  1. thanks for the fyi!
  2. :yes: Thanks...
  3. aaaah, i'm dying to take advantage of this, but the link isn't working & i can't find the bags on the site. has anyone else been able to make it work?
  4. Er gals, the bayswater is not on sale. I just checked it out. You may have mistaken the smaller ledbury for the bayswater.

    Im kinda relieved cos i bot the bayswater in tan for £495 minus 14% tax rebate just 2 weeks ago in london. phew.
    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble
  5. I knew the porportions looked a bit too small for the Bayswater. Thanks for pointing that out. Although it looks like a great bag for someone in the market for a smaller tote style.
  6. I got the last one. I guess so. The Black Bayswater Antique Glace! Total price is 331 EUR.
  7. The item describtion wrote the Bayswater Antique Glace. also, the original price is like 700 EUR. Hopefully, it is not the Ledbury. :wtf:
  8. They also have one Chloe Betty in white color on sale yesterday. 70% off. but it gone today.
  9. Both Mulberry's are gone.
  10. oh you have me worried now....I bought the Oak Bayswater they had listed (although they said it was chocolate) The pic does look like the bayswater with the key fob etc....
  11. my bag arrived and it is the Bayswater....alas it is not the Oak (as show on the pic) but the Chocolate

    still a good buy though!
  12. Ooo you lucky girl! I thought the chocolate is quite lovely too. Congrats!

  13. Congrats, I'm glad someone from the TPF was able to purchase one. :nuts:
  14. Mine is still hold at the custom. They need infomation about the age of the item. :confused1: Otherwise, they will reject the package and send back to LVR. Hopefully, I can get the bag or money back. :crybaby: Congrats to the Chocolate bayswater. :love: