50% off Michelle Frantz leather bags

  1. Handmade by Michelle Frantz handbags-entire site 50% off with the code "march" through the 15th. Here's a sample of one of her bags-which comes in several colors. ;)
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  3. You are out of line-you have been reported to the administrators!:ban:
  4. Gotta love trolls.

    Anyhow, thanks for posting about her (I hadn't heard of her before), cute stuff!
  5. Troll handled and banned... thanks Swanky Mama!

    Thanks for posting this!
  6. JNH14, thanks for posting the deal, by the way, how do you get the discount code, did you sign up for their mailing list?
  7. No, I didn't sign up. I just was on reesycakes and saw it-I usually look through those every few days to see if there are new deals posted. Don't forget to look at the fall collection as well, they had a few cute handbags left there for sale as well.:yahoo:

  8. If you sign up for handmaid's email list, you'll they'll email the coupon code and announcements of special events.
  9. I haven't heard of "handmaid' until now. How do you access the website? Thanks.
  10. Sorry....I just realized that it is the Michelle Frantz site! Thanks creighbaby. I just signed up.
  11. Hi does any of you own one of her bags? How is the leather?
  12. I ordered the Greta bag. The leather is really nice.
  13. how is inside of this bag.. lining??
    i wish they had more pics for their bags on the website.
    they don't even have a description...
    Not to offend anyone but i say it's very poorly made website.. :sad:
  14. I received the Daily Candy email with their 50% discount also. I have to agree- their site is pretty bad. However, I did just order a tote in green....and it came to $88 without shipping!!!

    I spoke with Kara over the phone, since I could never get the site fully uploaded. I assumed it was due to heavy traffic b/c of the daily candy email.

    Kara said the inside of the tote has a zipper pocket and another pocket without the zipper. There are also zippered pockets on the outside. (I asked quite a few questions about the inside also).

    So we'll see. I hope I like it! I thought it would be a cute spring/summer tote...not like I need yet another bag!