50% off Makeup.com

  1. I just got $52 worth of items for $26 and I got free shipping too.

    CODE - Save50

    It is good for their classic brands (chanel, mac, etc...)
    it says on their web page that items are limited, so hurry.
  2. WoW! Thanks..:yahoo:
  3. thank you so much for the post!! :nogood:
  4. omg omg omg!
  5. the site is sooo slow...is it just me?
  6. No, slow for me too.
  7. ^^ahh..its so so sooo slow. im gettin impatient. i see a few items i want already but it takes forever to load!
  8. slow for me too...doh....
  9. super slooow... but 50% off makes me patient lol
  10. ^^^ahahhaha! i know what u mean.

    i almost gave up but then thought about the 50%.

  11. Thanks for the post--site is still loading though
  12. *zzZzZ*...i got 3 items in my cart already and it took 30 mins. lol
  13. ahh! It's so slow. I gave up. :shrugs:
  14. it finally got fast for me! i just placed my order. :smile:

    great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. why isn't the code working for me?!