50% off LOTS of Louboutins on Outnet!

  1. Is this sale exclusive to Europe only?
  2. ^ There will be a US site sale sometime today.
  3. I don't see any Loubs on the site currently. Does anyone else see any?
  4. Nope. Sadly still refreshing. I'm afraid to leave my computer. >_>
  5. this is terrible, its almost 3am here, i'm crazy, i want to sleep!!!
  6. And of course my computer is freaking out and I have to restart .
  7. lol.... i'm giving up...
  8. good luck everyone:smile:
  9. Please, please, please... once the US site is up with loubs please post! =)
  10. It's up it's up!
  11. According to their twitter they will 'tweet when it's live' Ughhhh
  12. it's upppppp! omgggggggg @ no good 42s *goin off a cliff*
  13. I still don't see it?!
  14. Omg! I Don't see anything! D:
  15. it's on!!!!!!!!