50% off Large Juicy Daydreamer plus 20% off

  1. sorry...the first link i put up was the wrong one! my bad!
  2. so where is the right link?? :confused1:
  3. Click the link above and scroll 3/4 down the page on the right.
    Sorry, I couldn't get the link for the single item to work, just the whole page....
  4. Wow thats such a great deal. I was supposed to be on a juicy ban but I couldn't resist.
  5. got the last one. thanks~
  6. The wierdest thing happened. I was checking my account on the website and I noticed that I got charged twice for the bag. And the second bag was under a different name going to Santa Monica CA. I think its someone from TPF becasue they got the 20% discount. So I called and shes removing the charge for me, but I don't know how this purse got charged on my CC. Kind of scary. So when she removes it, I hope it still gets to the correct owner. Let me know if that was you.
  7. Does anyone know- is this a bricks and mortar store too? I think I saw a commercial for this store the other day and if it's the same one, it's only <1 hour away from me. Maybe I should go check it out!!
  8. Do you live near Moorestown. NJ?
    Here is the store info....
  9. i purchased one but my cc did get charged and it was only once. someone else then?
  10. Yea I called and one of the transactions actually went through and the other one got cancelled, but it still showed up in my accounts. So relieved I didn't get charged twice.
  11. I wouldn't worry...their customer service is very good.
  12. The commercials on tv were for 2 stores in PA, but Moorestown, NJ is right outside of Philadelphia. That's why I'm thinking it's the same owner...

  13. Ok...I emailed the question to the rep, and here is my reply:

    <tt><tt>Hello Paula,
    The 2 stores in Pa. do have the same name but we are separate. We both
    carry swimwear, but only the Moorestown, NJ store sells Juicy.
    Please let me know if there is anything more I can do for you.