50% off Clearance still going on. So, might as well take advantage of the sale.

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  1. No reveals just pix. I was very good. Only bought one bag.



    Dawsonville, GA outlet got more stuff in. If anyone is looking for a graphite peyton they have them. Lots of Bonnies too.
  2. ooooo very pretty!! congrats!
  3. Very pretty!
  4. You got some strong will power to only walk away with one bag. Not even any accessories?
  5. Very Pretty! I went to the Dawsonville outlet yesterday. They didn't have this color yesterday.
  6. Well.... I did buy an oblong scarf, but it's going back. Color combo too close to what I already have.
  7. gorgeous!!! that's such a stunning bag!!

    i'm trying to resist the temptation to head back up to dawsonville... i tend to find too much that i love there... though i do have a couple of charge holds waiting there for me
  8. OMG! Thats adorable! I love it in fact!
  9. Very pretty! Congrats!
  10. Oohhh, can't wait to see your reveals on those bags. Luv, luv your reveals.
  11. So PRETTY! I love it. Wish my outlet had it. They had one in gold, but silver is so :love: .
  12. That's adorable. I must be living on another planet because I have no idea what it is?!
  13. Absolutely beautiful. congrats
  14. Ooooooh, I walked around with one of these beauties in hand at the outlet here in Texas for at least one hour before my aunt made me put it down. I made several purchases the day before with the 20% off...now I reget not getting it...LOVE THIS BAG! Congrats!
  15. It's the Bonnie Olive. I didn't even know it comes in metallic silver. I saw a lot of the coral, seafoam and other colors. This was the only silver at the outlet. As soon as I walked in at the outlet, the manager, who has gotten to know me and my taste, right away showed me this bag. It holds a lot for a little bag.

    Below is a list of items I carry on a daily basis, so for my everyday bags, I have to make sure these items will fit inside. Although this one is more like a dressy bag, I'm happy that I can still fit all my daily essentials inside it.

    LV accessory bag
    LV agenda
    LV business card holder (which I use for my license/msc cards)
    LV cles
    LV credit card holder (which I use as a photo holder)
    LV mirror

    All of these items also fit inside the Bonnie foldover crossbody with room to spare, and with the flap folding flat against the bag.