50% off Chloe Silverado

  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet but Cricket is offering 50% off both the python and regular silverado.

    Go to http://www.cricketliverpool.co.uk/

    Fantastic bargain :smile:
  2. Not sure if this has been posted already. Cricket has 50% off both the python and regular silverado at http://www.cricketliverpool.co.uk/ :heart:

    I also posted this in the deals and steals section.
  3. Wow ........... has anyone bought from Cricket and shipped to the US --- taxes, duty etc?
  4. Wow ........... has anyone bought from Cricket and shipped to the US --- taxes, duty etc?

    I also asked in the deals & steals section.
  5. Is this legit? I am not sure if cricket sells authentic goods.
  6. ^^^ Yes Lord, Cricket is legit. I read though that they have "efficiency" issues. Love that red one! :nuts:
  7. Hi tod,

    What do you mean by "efficiency" issues? I'm so scared to buy bags from online resources! Have you personally purchased from them before?
  8. I bought my Silverado there a year ago. Trust me, they only sell authentic staff
  9. Hi Lord! No, I havent but have read from other PFers about poor customer service, delivery delays, poor response time etc. And the website isnt always updated so you should write them first to check if they really do have it in stock. Issues like that but not with authenticity, they're legit as far as I know.
  10. tod, yeah, I just got done reading about all of their problems. Sounds like they are a little boutique that doesn't really keep their website up to date. I'll give them a ring. I'd be interested in knowing how much more we have to pay on customs to orders shipped to the US? If it is a lot it really isn't worth the discount, now is it? lol
  11. Agree:yes: I would be curious to know too if there are customs restrictions that can delay delivery? I personally try to stay away from ordering international. But that's just me, because I never have the time or energy to deal with little snags:shame: But that red silverado, TDF...Let me know what you find out.
  12. I bougt my bag in the shop in Liverpool so I don't know anything about the website. Sorry! ;)
  13. Wow they have the turquoise silverado that I love- and it will only be $602!!!!!! Yea, anyone shipped to US from them before??
  14. Yeah ... there were some old posts about folks ordering from Cricket, and what a PAIN-IN-THE-BUTT it was. If I remember correctly, they said that it was a lot better to CALL them instead of ordering via their website.

    Also ... remember that the GBP is VERY strong against the dollar, so it means that you will pay more than here in the states (for instance, a Balenciaga which retails $995 here in the States will retail for ~$1025). Now, on top of that, you will need to add the shipping (which will probably be anywhere from $45 - $60). Last but not least, you will be assessed Customs Duties (anywhere from 1%-3% of the amount greater than $800) ... unless the S/A knows to mark the item as a "gift" and provide a lower retail value (they oftentimes don't want to do this).

    I ordered an Apple Green City from Koh Samui, and while I love it ... it ended up costing me (in total) about as much as a City bag here in the states. Bottom line ... would I do it again ... ??!??!?? ONLY if it was a rare bag that I couldn't get here.
  15. I guess it is a good deal if you grab the Red Silverado. It comes to $500 after shipping (the shipping alone is kinda ridiculous...almost 100USD!). I think that after customs the bag will end up being $600 or so...still a good deal on a bag that retails over 1K. I never wanted a red Silverado until I saw it on sale on Cricket...but I am going to abstain since I think (for me) buying a bag that I never considered just because it is on sale is a bad practice! :lol: