50% off chloe @ lvr

  1. I live in the UK and bought my Ollie large stud tote from them yesterday in black. The shipping to the uk was very cheap for me and if i dont like the bag my best buddy wants to buy it for more than i got it for. I got more than 50% off. Just had a email to say the bag has been sent and they gave furthur discount. Im well chuffed as its a real trendy and fun tote to add to my collection of Chloe's. My daughter is happy as she gets to use all my prada's and Chloes.
    Now ive seen the white Chloe here at this site im tempted to buy that as well. At these prices its far too tempting,lol.
  2. Ollie was listed at 70% off, the further discount that you mentioned meaning more than 70% off? Wow, you got a GREAT deal!
  3. For the US expect the custom fees to be HIGHER. For a 600 dollar item I bought from LVR my CF (received the bill yesterday) was 250 dollars. I was pissed..I was fully expecting to pay no more than 150 dollars.

    Just a little FYI
  4. OMG they're up to $250 now- that's insane! Thanks for letting us know Susieserb.
  5. My beautiful Ollie arried in A1 condition. The leather is to die for, and this tote loks stunning. they sent it from Florence yesterday PM and it arrived here 16 hours later by Fedex which is simply wonderful for the 25 Euros i paid. No customs charges either and we checked the credit card and found out i paid in total 349.71 Euros. Now that is mega mega cheap. My girlfriend told me you cant buy a good fake for that so im well chuffed.
    I will be buying from them again as the service is second to none and beats NAP UK hands down.

    They sent the Ollie in a ultra stiff navy blue embossed box, and inside was tissue paper sealed with their own logo satin ribbon. Very swish and stylish but that is Italy for you:tup:

    I say if you live in Europe then buy from them as you cant go wrong.
  6. You have made me so excited now... I ordered the Mais Edith last night and I'm really looking forward to receiving it now! Thing is I'm in Australia and it's my first order with them so I may have to wait a little longer than 16 hours!
  7. Yay! Im so pleased for you. How exciting for you to be getting a super Edith from them. They stated that it would be at least 3 days shipping to the UK but when the email came through to say it had been shipped i checked the tracking with FedEx and to my amazement my handbag was already in the UK and only 20 miles away from me.
    I bet you any money your Edith is nearly home to you in Australia.

    Its a great company and my girlfriends have been ordering as well. With these prices you just cant go wrong.
  8. I was sure about the colour at first, but after looking at all the pictures I could find of mais coloured chloes I grew to love it!

    Ediths this size in Australia retail for AUD$2195... I only paid AUD$713! I really can't go wrong. :p

    I'm happy to hear both you and your girlfriends have had good experiences shopping with LVR
  9. My girlfriend got a mais edith and its stunning. I love the colour so much. You will love it. The leather is soft as well.
    We are all amazed at the prices this store offers the handbags for. One girlfriend when to florence just over 18 months ago and doesnt remember the store at all, but she is going back and will search it out.
    If i lived there id be in there all the time buying stuff.

    Have you had any news that your Edith is on its way to you? Im so excited for you and i know you are going to love it. You saved mega amounts compared to AUD $ rate. Good for you hun. Its about time we all had a share in the good priced handbags. Im sick of paying full retail and then hearing of them being sold for less than half of what ive paid for one.
    I have my eye on another one from this store but will wait till its half price till i get it,lol!