50%+ off Botkier bags at ShopLuckyShops.com

  1. Saw 2 Bombay totes..Sand metallic and black, $310 as well as some trigger and holster bags for 50 and 60% off... go get them! Whoever buys, please post...
  2. ugh they were ugly
  3. there are some who might like them. perhaps you could consider that before making remarks like that..
  4. Wow, thanks so much for the tip!! That was a great deal on some great bags! I was too late but will keep an eye out for luckyshops posting more items. Don't know if they will.
  5. Do you know if there's free shipping or tax?
  6. DiamondGirl1 thanks for the post! I went back and took a closer look at the botkier holster bags for sale and bought those. The photo is awful but they feature the older smooth leather that I loved. I hate the pebble leather that Botkier used for the trigger line this last year--stiff and heavy. It came back to me that acid and almond were really pretty and I was bummed that I missed the almond when Neiman Marcus had it on sale. Here's a better picture of the almond (as shown in the trigger--long gone). And the acid (I think) is a bit deeper and greener than the luckyshops pic.

    almond trigger.jpg
  7. I love the picture that you posted, but I'm not sure I understand.
    Are you saying the picture of the one you posted is currently available on their website? I can't find one in Almond in that style. Just the Holster.
  8. I think the pictures on shopluckyshops.com are quite nice! In fact, I've seen all of those bags in person and they are quite beautiful. My friend purchased the Holster and it was better than expected! I actually wanted it for myself but she was having such a hard time finding a bag for herself I allowed her to have it (plus it was the last one in its color). I actually scooped up a Fan in Ivory and a Trigger in Eggshell. Lovely :heart:
  9. Looked at the bags online...thanks so much for reminding me about the shopluckyshops! I had forgotten! :yes:
  10. Cool. I'm not a fan of the holster but I really like the trigger. Is this the trigger Turbo or the classic one? Does anyone know if they still make the orginal (I never see it on websites anymore)?

    Congrats to everyone who got a great deal!
  11. I bought the Trigger for 60% off at Lucky Shops. It was originally $610-it's gorgeous!
  12. if anyone is interested and is in the san diego area, there was a black trigger at Nordstrom rack at mission valley for $199. I'm not sure if there's any additional discounts that can go on top of that, but as it is, 200 bucks for the classic black trigger is a steal! i was going to get it, but i have to save money so i resisted temptation! there were also a bunch of mulberry bags too if anyone's interested.
  13. Wow, I just joined purse forum and I just found out about ShopLuckyShops.com--never knew about it before. Thanks.
  14. i think i saw a code on that toutie website for the bags at shopluckyshops.com...how does one go about doing all that?