50% off BlueRoofDenim.com until 1/1/07

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  1. Has anybody ever heard of this website? Everything is 50% off until 1/1/07. I ordered three pairs of Citizen Jeans.
  2. Wow! 50% off Tom Ford sunglasses? Thats amazing! Has anyone else shopped there before? I've never heard of this website.
  3. it'd pretty bad if this is not a legit site, b/c i order 4 pairs of jeans...and even with free returns, they dont refund, only store credit or exchange.

    thanks L_Rod for the info, hope for the best~
  4. I hope for the best too.
  5. This store is near where I live. It's a legit store. I'm going to go to the store after Christmas to check out the sale.
  6. i chose ups as a shippping method
    they said it was unavailable for the jeans i was buying
    and would use backup method?

  7. Hmm, I called the store and she told me they use UPS. She also told me to tell all my friends about the sale. She was very nice on the phone. I'll keep you posted my jeans should arrive any day. Can't wait!
  8. I ordered Tom Ford sunglasses from them today... They told me the name of their distributor, sounded legit. I'll definitely have them checked out once I get them though... Will keep everyone posted :smile:
  9. Wow i just got William Rast jeans for half off. crazy they NEVER go on sale because they are so new. I pray this is legit.....Ill let ya know
  10. i ordered some jeans from them a couple of days ago and have yet to receive any tracking info or any email saying that they have been shipped.. when i checked out i wasn't even given an option for shipping... just wondering if you guys received emails with your tracking info? :confused1:
  11. no tracking info, but i did receive confirmation email of my purchase, and my credit card has already been charged. i'm chalking it up to the fact that it's during holidays and they're short handed...
  12. Yes, please keep us posted! I ordered a pair of Tom Ford Hutton's. I saw them at shopbop for $300! I just wish blueroofdenim had the shiny mastic brown color, but I did only pay $137.50 for them so I really can't complain! Which style did you get?
  13. I got a pair of Whitney sunglasses. Tried them on at Saks the other day and fell in love, and you can't beat the $150 price tag! Hopefully they'll arrive by the end of the week...
  14. I just ordered the Hutton ones too, they were priced at $300 in Saks!
  15. I bought a couple of Ben Sherman tops. Here's hoping they get here sooooooooon!