50% off BBags at Luisa Boutique on Collins St, Melbourne, Australia

  1. I don't normally venture out of the Fendi and Gucci forums but I was at Luisa on Collins St for all you Aussie ladies out there. They had a few Balenciaga bags at 50% off!!! I'm glad I do not like B as I would have spent all my money. :nuts:

    They were all in that tan, honey colour. One was sort of like a boston bag with tassles. One was your popular B style (you can tell I'm not familiar with B :p).

    The phone number to the place is 96638601.
  2. is this store legit? hv you buy from them before??
  3. I had a look through the reference library and one of the styles they have is either the twiggy or the city. I can't tell the difference so I'm not 100% sure. Looking through the colour reference library, the proper colour name is caramel.

    Jag hope you don't mind me borrowing your photo. The twiggy/city bag they had was smaller than this. The price was 50% off about 2000 AUD.


    I think 1 of the other styles they had was the bowling or the part time (?). It has short straps, you can't put it on your shoulder and is a nice hand carry bag. Also in the caramel colour and this bag was cheap. It came to about 700 or 800 AUD from memory.

    Sorry if the prices or styles aren't correct. I'm
  4. Yes. They are in the KPMG building. Very close to Gucci Melbourne. Sort of between Chanel and Gucci. You need to go into the KPMG building. And yes I have purchased from them before, many times.

    The boutique's address is 171 Collins St from memory. They're pretty much on the corner of Russell St and Collins St.
  5. ^^ Thank you for sharing!! I'm heading to the store first thing tomorrow!
  6. :nuts: OMG... I'm going tommorow.
  7. Glad someone's interested. :graucho: Be quick though. They only have a few, probably 1 of each mostly cos they carry heaps of designer brands. It's a nice store, a bit of everything.

    So post back here if you got anything... I'm not a B fan but I don't mind looking.
  8. I always purchase from Luisa.. but i gotta admit their stock is pretty out-of-dated. Like.. one of the D&G belts I wanted to buy last yr is still in the store..
  9. Yeah, but occasionally they bring in some pretty nice and recent stuff. I snagged my floral Gucci bamboo bag which I love. They got 4 in and within a couple of days they were gone.

    You are right though. Most of the stuff is very very very old. The warehouse store is pretty bad but it's worth a look around. Nina Baird's Boutique is the same. The Smith St store sells the current, full price stuff, while the High St, Prahran store has the really out of date stuff. I managed to get a pair of Fendi heels for $199 today. They're not the nicest but they are practical and very elegant looking.
  10. UPDATE!!! Murembeena Warehouse store has a couple of BBags as well!

    They were a dark green. There was 2 or 3 bags and a small pouch. Also 50% off. The store is off North Road, and before anyone asks, just in case you are thinking, no I am not affiliated to the store. I just shop at the Melbourne store a lot.
  11. Which type of B Bag did yu see? And do yu remember the price?

  12. ^I am really not sure as I know nothing about Balenciaga. My best description is as above. I didn't check the price but it would be 50% off retail.
  13. thanks so much. i went to the warehouse yesterday and bought a red shoulder! My first Bbag! :yahoo:

    they also had a dark green shoulder and a large (I think) whistle. all 50% off.
  14. Wow...well, when bbag lovers read about the possibility of finding "new old stock," they tend to start hyperventilating!! :p

    Thanks so much for the info!
  15. im heading to the warehouse tomorrow morning so shall update about the stock there. i love luisa - the sales assistants are really nice there and, although their stock is abit random, there are always some great finds there, last time i went i got a gorgeous pair of prada brown suede with gold trim heels.