50% off at Summer Blu

  1. Hey guys. I just got an e-mail that says:

    Enter promo code: weekend for 50% off your entire purchase.
  2. Thanks ever so much! I've been waiting for one of their 50% off specials to get the Andrea Brueckner Luxembourg satchel in crackled patent!
  3. awesome thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for sharing
  5. anyone know when the code expires?
  6. thanks for the code..but looks like everything is a size xs or a 29!
  7. The sale is over, but I was just wondering if anyone else ordered from them as well and had problems with receiving their order? I placed my order on 7/6 and the status of my order on their website says it's still "In Progress". They've also already charged my credit card. I've emailed them 3 times, called them several times (no one ever picks up) and left 2 messages.

    I just figured I find out what others have experienced before I file a complaint with my credit card and the BBB tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  8. I got a great pair of Joie cropped cargo pants, and they were shipped right away - I had them in under a week.
  9. Really?! This is so upsetting...don't get me wrong, I'm glad you didn't have any issues with your order. I just don't understand why they won't respond to my emails and phone calls requesting for the status. My order was for a Lauren Merkin clutch...

    I think I may file a complaint with the BBB and see if that will push them to resolve this issue...
  10. Hello,

    I ordered a Andrea Brueckner from them during their 50% off sale as well. They charged my card on July 9th and I still haven't received my bag either. Did you get a tracking number from them for your order? Let me know how it goes.
  11. No, I never received any tracking information. They emailed me an order confirmation right away...probably automated; and charged my credit card the same day. Aside from emailing them, I've also been checking for my order status on their website and it just never changes...it's apparently still "In Progress".

    I just can't believe that a business can get away with operating like this...I just want someone to respond to my emails or return my phone calls. At this point, I just want to know whether it's out of stock, on back order, or they simply just don't want to sell it to me? They should not have gone ahead and charged my credit card if they weren't going to send it out.

    My last email and phone call informed them that I would file a complaint with the BBB if they didn't respond and they still haven't, so I went through with the filing last night...I guess I'll just have to wait and see...
  12. Hello,

    I understand your frustration. I got an automated confirmation from them right away on July 7 when I placed my order. My card was charged July 9th and then the order kept saying "processing" everytime I checked on the website. They didn't return my email when I asked them if my bag was on backorder but I did notice that after I placed my order that bag was no long available on the website. I kept checking back on the website and finally I saw that the bag was back on the website and a short time later I got a tracking number sent to me on July 15th. I checked on the tracking number and got informed by USPS that all they got was that an order will be shipped with that tracking number but that they haven't actually received the item to be shipped. Finally I just checked the USPS website again and the item to be shipped was finally sent to them on July 24th!!! As the item is finally in the hands of USPS I am going to keep checking to see the status. I think that if an item is out of stock this is what happens. Another person in this forum received an Andrea Brueckner from the 50% off sale within a week. I don't like the fact though that they don't return phone calls or emails or keep the customer in the loop about whether something is on back order or not. I would check on the website to see if the Laura Merkin clutch you ordered is pictured there if not it is probably on back order and you may want to just call your credit card company and get the charge reversed. SummerBlu should charge you when they actually ship out the product. Good luck I'll let you know when I get my purse hopefully it will be soon and hopefully it will be what I ordered. ( who knows????)
  13. i ordered a Lauren Merkin Louise clutch in soft gold and got it really quickly (< 1 week)... makes me wonder which bag you ordered? i wonder if we ordered the same bag, but they only had 1... and scrambled to get another from LM...just a wild guess!
  14. I ordered the Eve Clutch in soft gold. I also noticed that it was removed after I purchased it, but it's been back up on their website for a few days now, so I don't know what's going on...I wouldn't even care if they would at least respond to my emails or phone calls with any sort of information.:hysteric:
  15. I know its being in the dark that is the frustrating part. They seem to be a legit site as people have received items from them but I think they are painfully slow on some orders ( ie. ours) and have zero customer service skills. The Laura Merkin clutches are beautiful by the way and you got a great price on it so I hope you hear from them soon. It is good news that the clutches are back online hopefully you get a tracking number soon keep emailing them.

    Good luck!!