50% off at pout.co.uk

  1. All the lovely pout cosmetics at 50% off; I'm not really sure the reason for this sale, but either way, it's fabulous!

    I love pout; their lipglosses are gorgeous :smile:

    Happy shopping,


  2. whoa! that's a nice sale if you're in the UK!

    pout is so nice, but a bit pricey.
  3. Pout's beauty line has been discontinued, they were bought out and the new company only wants to focus on their skincare line.

    It's really sad, I love Pout, I've been stockpiling for a month now. I've probably spent well over 100GBP on the stuff and I'm stateside. It's not worth it to order from the states unless you're ordering a ton though because shipping is 13.50GBP. Imagine, a lipgloss for 7 and shipping costs nearly 14.