50% off at LVR..Chloe, MJ....!!!

  1. Wow those are amazing markdowns! Too bad they don't have the colors I want =(
  2. Do they ship to the US? Are the price in EURO?
  3. Yes.Yes.:p
  4. Just bought the MJ Ingrid bag, just can't wait to get it in my hands!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  5. oooh i love it when it goes to half off ;) :biggrin:

    thanks for the heads up :smile:
  6. Definitely amazing markdowns. Lanvin ballet flats are 50% :yahoo:

    Too bad they don't have a size 5 :cursing:
  7. Does anybody know besides the 50.00 shipping fee, how much taxes or duties end up being when sent to the US?
  8. Thank you for the post!
  9. Expect to pay an extra $100+ in customs duties and Fedex fees when you have it shipped to the US.
  10. I really love some of their bags , but too bad you can' return them, even if there's something wrong with it.. :push:
  11. I believe the customs fees are abou 15% of the purchase price. This is in addition to the $50 shipping and if you're using a credit card there could be conversion fees of about 3%.
  12. it depends on your bank. afaik, CapitalOne doesn't charge conversion fees
  13. for Chloe, what color is "mais"?
  14. This is the Mais Color...maybe just slightly lighter in person.