50%Off at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus

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  1. Thanks so much melly! I picked up Prada and Gucci shoulder bags for 490 each! Free shipping, gift wrap, AND no tax!
  2. Where?
  3. Omg!! I Have To Get Something!!
  4. I can see that my ban is going down the flusher. I want so many bags.
  5. thanks for the heads up!
  6. WooHoo - I picked up the Betty tote I had been eyeing!
  7. I didn't see any YSLs on Sale?? I need a muse in my life, can you point me in the right direction? Thx!!!
  8. thanks very much.. holiday shopping just got a lil better !!
  9. You're the best, thx!!!!!!
  10. I just saw a YSL on the Neiman's site.
  11. Hi, I see my current dream bag ( Fendi Zucca Spy) on the NM site, but it doesn't appear to be on sale. Is a code required to get the 50% off? Also, I put "bgshop" in the "promotional code" box and it's not working.:crybaby:

    Or is it in store only? If so, I'll head right over to BG after work!
  12. I am so sad, they are out of the Scamosciato Old Satchel by Miu Miu :crybaby:

    Does any one know the numbers to some stores I could try to call? The lady I talk to online wasn't all that friendly.
  13. Oh, okay. I see the selection of bags that are included in the sale. Anywho, thanks for sharing the information! That's a great sale. I just wish my Spy was included.