$50 off $150 at Bloomingdales.com

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  1. ^I think its a one time code. I have a code if anyone wants it. pm me.
  2. that first code has already been used. I've got a full brown bag if anyone wants to pm me one they will not use. Thanks.
  3. I would love to have one! Thanks~
  4. i would love to have one too
  5. code has been taken.
  6. Sorry, didn't know it was a one time use code. As soon as I got the e-mail, I just post it.
  7. any other codes?
  8. I would love to have one too!
  9. anyone need a code? pm me and ill send it right away!
  10. code taken
  11. If anyone could PM me one that they are not gonna use, it'd be great! TIA
  12. I would LOVE one too!
  13. hey what's the title of the email where you got these codes? thanks
  14. It's called: We Miss You! A Special Offer From Bloomingdale's

    Mine: XD0RR0T56RDY.