$50 May birthday email gift card

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  1. Got a $50 off $100 card from TB yesterday via email. I was so hoping.... :smile:

    I ordered the double wrap black leather with SILVER fitbit holder that is on sale. I love having a variety and I wear more silver than gold (I have the black with gold one) and I wear a ton of black... Will post pix when it arrives.

    I was worried when so many reported not receiving it...
  2. Happy for you, are you staying with the older style Fitbit?

  3. Yes - I do not like the new ones that look like a watch.
  4. I'm so glad you got yours. I did not get one. I had to have customer service reenter all my info because I dropped off their mailing list. I have no idea how this happened especially since I made a ton of purchases from tb.com in 2015. Enjoy and happy early birthday :smile:
  5. Boo!!!! That is ridiculous... :sad:

  6. I called and asked my SA, who I have shopped with quite a bit lately, she told me it was random this year. Yet one of my good friends, who actually was skipped over last year, received a gift on her birthday. I think it was a Leather good, a travel wallet? I don't remember. It so random!
  7. I didn't get one either. My bday jusy passed last week.
  8. Are these for tb.com only or store customers too? I'm a loyal store customer.

  9. It seems to be totally random again, I'm both a boutique shopper and website shopper and I was skipped over this January.
  10. I have no idea. Last year I did an inquiry off their website as to why I didn't get mine and they sent one via email.

    This year it arrived on May 1st via email.

    Last year I think I spent more in the boutique than I did via online. I didn't buy anything for full price - all via tiered % off sales, Christmas gift cards, or actual sale merchandise. I do not have a specific sales associate I deal with -- just walk in usually as I have 2 stores very close to my office. I don't think I spend enough to be considered worthy of making it into the sales associate's book... :smile:
  11. I have my May one that I'm not using. If anyone wants please PM me
  12. do you still have it??
  13. I've never gotten one at all, despite being a pretty regular customer for years.
  14. I again have my $50 birthday gift card if anyone wants it please PM me. It expires today 5/31/17
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  15. Someone took this already. Sorry I can't figure out how to edit
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