50 IS a Huge Number

  1. :yahoo:HEy all well i counted my bags and im still waiting on a few but after counting those i will have 49 . So off course im not happy with the number 49 . I want to get to 50 . So for that special number i need a special bag. So while i was walking to work i thought of a bag. ITs discontinued The MOnogram Shopping sac. I love it always have. I can take it to work and put my normal bag inside and some other stuff i carry. So what do you guys think?? I need more opinions. Please feel free . thanks all.

  2. Speedy ceries would be good. :smile: 50 bags eh ? Wow, way to go :nuts:
  3. I agree it´s a great bag! You have a huge collection, enjoy:tender:
  4. I got the Speedy Cerise. :0) well im still waiting to get it in my arms..... so another Chicas. Well 49 counting also accessories.
  5. 50? wow! congrats!
  6. hoho thats alot of bags!
  7. i think the big 50 bag has to be something special. congarets on your collection, mine is still small.
  8. Congrats on the big 5-0!
    You should try and get a LE piece to celebrate!
  9. Fifty bags? Wow!! :party:
  10. 50 bags? Way to go!!! :biggrin:

    The Sac Shopping is one of my fave d/c'd bags.
  11. Wow you gotta post pics!!
  12. just like everyone else lol, 50 bags?! WOW!

    you can get the sac shopping if youcan locate one, if not, I'd suggest a LE bag :yes:
  13. Congrats on *almost* hitting the 5-0 mark!
  14. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Get the BERKELEY!!!!!
  15. i know i want to post pics. But always have problems. But as soon as the 50 i will.:yes:Promise.....