$50 for mascarra & eye makeup remover today =(

  1. Isnt it crazy how much some of this stuff costs? I figured when i went to the mall today that I may end up spending $35.. $40 at most. I bought 1 mascarra and a bottle of eye makeup remover from lancome today and the total was just over $50 :wtf: I was shocked. I always buy this stuff but for some reason today I just started thinking about what little you get for the money. Its crazy when you think about it :throwup:
    Sorry to vent... I was just thinking about it, LoL
  2. I know! I spent almost $90 the other day at the MAC Cosmetics counter at Nordstrom. I bought a bottle of liquid foundation, a powder compact, and a makeup brush. The total blew me away. I am going to go back soon to return my makeup brush. I know the makeup brush supposedly does wonder, but it does not worth the $30-something dollars.
  3. That is crazy. Today I spent $67 on a bottle of cleanser and blush at Estee Lauder. I do believe in buying quality products and paying more for better ingredients but I HATE all that is tacked on for the name and the packaging.
  4. Considering that you should toss out your mascara every 4 months or so, I would definitely not spend over 20 bucks for mascara. Loreal Voluminous for $6 works just as well as Diorshow in my opinion.
  5. I agree. I only buy drugstore mascara for this reason. Eye makeup remover I'm a little more willing to splurge on though. It's important to get all your makeup off.
  6. I agree. I don't mind paying more for Lancome's make up remover cause I think it's fabulous, but I only ever use the sample mascaras they give you cause I can't justify spending that much on it.
  7. ^I on the other hand, pay more for mascara (Diorshow), and spend less on eye makeup remover (drug store brand).

  8. oh i beg to differ.. the brush makes ALL the difference.. the most expensive brush i own cost me about $270 plus tax and lemme tell you - it is AMAZING! mac's brushes are good quality ( i have quite few) and with proper care will last AGES! it's better to pay $$ for something that will last years as opposed to having to buy cheap ones over and over again.. look at it as an investment! ;)
  9. $270 brush?? :wtf::wtf::wtf: What kind of brush is it?? and i thought i was bad, LoL jk
  10. it's a shu uemura kolinsky brush.. it is the softest, smoothest most wonderful brush EVER! it applies shadow literally like a dream.. the hairs are perfect.. i've had it for about 3 years now and i swear by it!
  11. I flip out when I pay more then 10 bucks for eyeshadow...for me it's just not worth it. I get great results with cheaper things at Ulta than I do buying all the Chanel, Dior, Este Lauder, etc etc in the world. I do own some of these products, but, it's just not worth it to me when I get sick of the color and move on to something else very quickly. I think the most I spend is around 18 for Chanel nail polishes since those last me forever!
  12. WOW.. I do spend little money on mascara to be honest. I've tried many ones, the most expensive one was Lancome (paid around 25 dlls I think). did not like it. I only like one that cost me about 100 mexican pesos, 10 dollars. Mom brings them to me every christmas, usually I get like 4-5, enough for a whole year. I really like this one, is the only one that helps to curl my eyelashes. I have cow eyelashes. I always use oil free neutrogena eye remover that cost me like 6 bucks. It works good for me tho
  13. I know what you mean...I spent a little over $50 on a Lancome eyeshadow and concealer the other day. But, from my experience, good concealers are a bit pricey.
  14. Im just sick thinking about it, I havent used either item yet, I may return... I dont know yet... I dont know how they justify the price, I certainly cant :blah:
  15. the almay eye make up remover pads are the best! i've tried clinique, lancome, mary kay, etc and almay is the best are great. you don't even have to waste a cotton pad (not that those cost hardly anything). ulta has almay buy 1 get 1 free and the $3.50 coupon. i just paid $8 for 3 containers!

    and i've tried a bunch of drugstore stuff but do still swear by the benefit badgal mascara, think it's $18, not too bad.