$50 custom charges for a FAKE BAG

  1. I recently purchased a chloe bag off eBay, but when i got it i knew right away it was a fake. The worst thing was the seller put the price of $250 on the package and i got a $50 customs fee! So now im returning the bag and will get my money back but i wont get the $50 back or the $20 for shipping. So ive spent $70 all together on a fake bag just to return the damn thing. im devistated.
    I live in Canada, but i think $50 custom charges for a $250 item is a bit much.
  2. You can fill out a form to get your customs fees back...I think it's on the back of the yellow form that should have been attached to the package that showed how much duty you had to pay...
  3. Did you file a not as described complaint with Paypal? I'd include that customs fee in with that!
  4. I agree about the $50 custom charge, but that is an issue to take up with the Canadian government ---------- they set the fee.
  5. Why you even bother yourself to pay for custom? Tell your custom / post officer than you can't effort it coz the actual amount not such that high and ask to send back to the seller.
  6. The thing is, it wasnt me who picked up the bag from the post office, it was my mother. i was expecting it and i was away for a bit so i asked her to pick it up for me. Then she told me that i owed her $50. haha
  7. I've had a similar case happen here in the UK and was charged £75 for custom fees for a fake bag. However, as soon as they had sight of my documentation, confirming that the bag had been sent back to the US and my reasons for determining the bag's lack of authenticity, they paid my fees back in full. No hesitation, no further questions. Fingers crossed, you should get a full refund of your fees.
  8. ^ I had the same problem approx £85 ($180) but I could never get an answer at the customs telephone number or emails and the parcel company didn't knoe what I had to do to claim money back eventually I just let it drop and learnt the lesson the hard way
  9. OH :shocked: so bag is on your hand now and you can't ask to send back?? I t hink since you've take it from post office, you need to pay shipping cost to send back, if you've not pick it up yet, post office will send back and charge to your seller ( hate them, sell fake :yucky: )
  10. I got stung for $160.00 customs & taxes for a fake Chloe!!! . . .
    I'm in Canada too . . . an expensive lesson!!!