50+ confirmations a bit annoyed

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  1. I ordered the Juliette bag last week. And since then I have recieved over 50 email confirmations. I have made over 10 calls to coach. Finally today I was told coach cancelled all 200 orders to California for this bag because it is exotic. But it is faux exotic so they are trying to figure out how to over ride the system. It's beyond annoying. Considering I haven't bought coach in years. Not so much a warm fuzzy welcome back to coach..:sad:
  2. Cancelling exotic orders? What a pain! You would think they would have this kink fixed by now. Python has been illegal in California for a long time.

    The system must really be messed up to send you 50 confirmations.
  3. Yes and it's not even real python lol so there was no need to cancel the orders.
    It's frustrating opening my email seeing a coach email thinking it shipped finally only to get another conformation grrrr
  4. Well that stinks. Not a very warm welcome back to coach at all. Boo! Sorry you are dealing with this.
  5. Oh my gosh, I thought it was just a weird glitch in the system and it was only happening to me! I placed an order on Sunday and have received at least 10 order confirmation e-mails since then as well. And my order did include the diagonal pleated Juliette with the 'exotics' which is so silly since it's not even real python as you pointed out. You would think after having sold so many bags to people in Cali with this embossed/exotic leather before that the system wouldn't have a kickback... This is my first time ordering a bag with this type of leather online. I'm glad you posted this so I know I'm not going crazy! But it's still annoying to see 'new' order confirmations sitting in my inbox every time I check my e-mail... :smile:
  6. You are not alone call and complain they need to cancel it or send out our bags lol.. Tell them what I posted too it will help becaue only a few of them know the issue
  7. Was that the black diagonal pleated? If it is, they have it in stock locally at South Coast Plaza so that's definitely a glitch that was overcome at some point.

    As you point out, it's especially silly since the bag is not genuine python. LOL :roflmfao:
  8. Omg south coast!

    I'm calling them right now to complain this is stupid
  9. I'm on hold right now she is claiming they are not in California.
  10. I got my bag and it's being shipped today!!! Thankyou soooo much Luv2shop1
  11. And I'm still getting emails with them trying to fill the order that they said they cancelled. Back to calling them in the am for today I'm done lol
  12. Coach is getting to be a pain in the arse
  13. Congrats! :smile:

    Did you order it from SCP or JAX finally figure it out?
  14. I told jax someone on tpf spotted it in CA. she said they are all a bunch of nuts.
    So I said well I will call SCP. She was super friendly said sure it's sitting here. She is shipping it overnight to me. So I called jax back and she was rude. But said fine she will cancel my order.
    I'm still getting confirmations.. I sent a email to them and she said they will continue to try and process it no matter what.

    I'm happy I'm getting the bag but spending 2 hours going back and forth is not cool. And the fact they want to charge me another 400+ if they can figure out how to ship it from jax is not cool.
  15. I guess I could quit calling and if they send a second one. Just drive there and return it.. But it's just not cool kwim