50 CM Birkin~Anyone have a pic?

  1. I was just reading a Newsweek article that was talking about the Hermes brand staying power and it made mention of a 50 Cm Birkin :amazed: wow :love:

    Does anyone have a pic? What would be the retail range for such a bag?
  2. i don´t have a pic but i have seen it in real life and it looks huge it is mostly used as a kind of travel bag according to my sa. but frankly i did not like the look of it nor do i think it is qute practical not to mention how worried i may be if i travel with that. furthermore i also think that for travelling hermès does a lot nicer pieces that serve that purpose better.
  3. thanks for the info. I just googled it and it did look huge. This one lady looked like she was suffocating with it on her shoulder :amazed:

    I wonder if it's a big seller at Hermes...
  4. It's really heavy. As far as carry-ons go, I like the Acapulco.
  5. I would be worried too, but the thought alone travelling with birkins as your luggage :angel:
  6. Is the Newsweek arricle online? Can you post a link?

    I hope someone can post picture of 50 cm Birking for you.
    I would love to see it.
  7. Which Newsweek is it? The most recent one? I would like to read that article.
  8. I tried one on for fun and it was extrememly heavy unstuffed. Not for me! :smile:
  9. It's so huge it will carry YOU.
  10. Oh Lordy, no....that thing is so huge you could live in it!
  11. More for luggage but it wuld be troublesome to open the lock & flap. Prefer LV luggage.
  12. well at least you have a nice home then!"maison birkin"
  13. Lilach...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: So true!!!!

    Actually, you know what looks like a nice carry-on? The large (can't remember what size) Plume. I saw a pic somewhere now I can't remember where though....
  14. Never seen a 50cm Birkin, but my SA had seen one that was special-ordered in matte croc!!!! He said it cost about 30K or something at the time.
  15. The 50cm does not have the inside layer of leather. However, with that size, probably still need a wagon to drag it around. :idea: