50 Best Dos & Don'ts Of The Year

  1. (According to Glamour Magazine)

    A look back at the trends we loved, hated, laughed at and hope never to witness again. let the countdown begin.

    50. Black Nail Polish
    Do: Everyone from Jada Pinkett Smith to Sienna Miller sported the goth-inspired look. One word: cool.

    49. The Headband
    Do dress up with one, like Natalie Portman, but Don't pull one on to tame a head-bush. Try a haircut, dude.

    48: Fedoras
    You Do make a chic statement with a fedora hat in neutral colors. You Don't need one that's brightly colored . . . with feathers!

    47. Dresses at Night
    Do: Say good bye to jeans and heels as a going-out uniform. It's all about the flowy dress! But Don't wear one so mini, it looks like you forgot your pants.

    46. Nipple Exposure
    How much do you get fined for public nudity? Trends may come and go, but a sheer bra under a sheer top is a forever-and-ever Don't.

    45. Skinny Jeans
    Like most denim, they look best when they're simple.

    44 to 40
    Do: Tights with open-toe shoes.
    Don't: Printed, stripy tights with strappy sandals.
    Do: Patent leather belts.
    Don't: Patent leather skirts!

    39. Grille Girls
    We Do love America Ferrera's braces in Ugly Betty. But hiding a pretty smile with blinged-out grills (clip-on tooth covers)? A Don't!

    38. Jerky Tees
    Making fun of yourself is a Do (David Hasselhoff's Don't Hassel the Hoff) but Don't be rude! (Team Fire Crotch)

    37. Spray-On Style
    Too-tight Don'ts were everywhere this year. Ladies, nobody sees the size tag but you, so forget the number, and buy what fits!

    36 to 30
    Do: Red lips
    Do: Red nails
    Don't: Vinyl-shiny lips and long, scary red nails
    Do: Jeans cut off at the knee as cool shorts
    Don't: Jeans cutt off at the butt cheek with sky-high heels
    Do: Celeb lingerie tricks (long live double-stick tape!)
    Don't: Celebrities getting out of limos without underwear!

    29. Boots of All Sizes
    With skirts, jeans or shorts, boots were huge this year and continue to be mostly a Do! But watch those over-the-knee styles.

    28. Couple Look-Alikes
    Says a surprisingly fashion-wise Aston Kutcher about red-carpet dressing with Demi Moore: "If she's wearing black, you just wear black. Matching is not her job. It's yours. You're the purse." That's a Do.

    27 to 23
    Do: Sweaterdresses over leggings
    Don't: Hip-length sweaters over leggings
    Do: Cute workout clothes
    Don't: Men who always work out shirtless (yes, even you, Matthew McConaughey)
    Do: Animal prints, just not head-to-toe

    22. Belts
    Do: They look newest at your natural waist. Long live the hourglass figure!

    21. Hot Buns!
    Are those sweet, pulled-back styles a Do or a Don't? Depends on the size - and where they sit.

    20. Colored Tights
    With a dark, simple outfit, you're a Do. Otherwise, it's a superhero Don't.
  2. 19. Platforms
    Gwyneth, Jessica and Nicole - they all wore them. And why not? They Do make you look tall and chic. But whacked-out, sky-high ankle-breakers? A Don't.

    18. Bangles
    Do: What's prettier than a little wrist candy?

    17. Bobs are Back
    Do: Last year, the hair mandate was simple - less is more.

    16. Leggings
    The verdict on this trend: They're a Do, especially under a going-out dress and under casual daytime ones. (Avoid the froofy pink tutu unless you're older than five. That's a Don't.)

    15. Purple
    The trend's still going strong! Do choose your degree of purpleness - from a fun-colored bag to a full-length gown.

    14. Scary Skinny Models on the Runway
    A Don't: "Fashion looks good on thin models, but when you look at today's models . . . they're way too thin. It's only bones that stick out" - Claudia Schiffer

    13. Year of the Bag
    Do: Colorful, instant outfit-updaters that hold all your stuff. What's not to love?

    12 to 3: 10 Don't trends to lose in 2007
    12. Minis so mini they might as well be belts
    11.Cropped tops with low-rise pants
    10. Engagement diamonds that need their own zip codes.
    9. Any sweater with a Santa, Christmas tree or raindeer on it worn by a woman over 10 years old.
    8. Clunky white sneakers with a sophisticated work suit.
    7. Head-to-toe denim
    6. Big-busted and braless. Ouch!
    5. Mesh anything.
    4. Beyond-bleached teeth
    3. Exposed thongs. Enough, already!

    2. Crocs
    We know when this casual shoe look (a Do when hanging out on weekends) had gone too far when they showed up on the red carpet (and on dogs!). Don't get carried away.

    1. Jumpsuits
    Why, oh why did this once-deceased trend get resurrected? It looks bad on practically unless you are among the one percent of the population with a superlong, super-lean body. Otherwise, Don't go there.
  3. I hate crocs. Eww. And uggs. Bleh. Yes, comfortable and whatever, only wear the crocs in Operating Theatre in the hospital and uggs at home.
  4. I hate crocs too, I heard they make your feet sweat (ewe!)
  5. Wonder how long it'll take for people to stop wearing leggings now that the trend is for short skirts and bare legs. ;)
  6. This was fun to read. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info Caitlin!
  8. yeh I can't beleive people wear crocs in public. gross
  9. thanx dear for those infos... nice to read...
    i enjoyed reading them...
  10. Crocs are a Do when hanging out on the weekends...? Really...? Did I read that correctly...? Ugh...
  11. Great read. I too dislike crocs!
  12. Whoever wears crocs must have a giant stilleto stuck in their eyes. And uggs too! It's just puke-inducing!!! Help! I can't stand anyone else wear another pair of those two!!!
  13. That's what I think of every time I see someone wearing those... wet, sweaty, icky feet... :yucky:
  14. Love the thread. It was a lot of fun. I definitely got a good laugh reading some of the don'ts. Please, oh please, nobody wear crocs. They are so hideous. And this is coming from a vegan. Trust me comfortable shoes can be found in much more attractive packages, as can vegan shoes.