$50 BagBorrowOrSteal.com Credit!!!

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  1. LUXURY7387

    $50 credit. Apply it to your rental via the promo code spot or use live chat to have a CS apply it and you can use it towards outlet items. Not sure of the expiration.:yahoo:
  2. Where did u get the code from? The CS rep asked me...
  3. Got it from a coupon site. I was looking for rental coupons and stumbled across this one.:Push:
  4. Sorry but how are you able to use it ont he outlet items? It isnt working for me thanks!
  5. If you use it for rental there is a location to put the code in. To use it for outlet you have to have a CS apply it to your account. It will show up under billing history or in your cart if you have already added things into it.
  6. Raya: Unfortunately, I cannot apply this code to your account because it is listed in our terms and conditions that promotional codes cannot be sold, exchanged, copied or transferred.

    Direct copy from a chat with CS. Don't do it, ladies. I'm now in the red in my bank account because of it. :cursing:
  7. ^^ Yikes!!
  8. You are supposed to see if it will work BEFORE you place your order. Geez. Not to mention there is an obvious realization that some companies will shut codes down quickly if they recieve a larger response than they expect. Obviously they shut this one down already.
  9. You can't check the code before checkout. I tried it too. They just cancelled my order because they do credit checks on the first rental.
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