#50 B-Bag Reached!! ... and Other SAD News

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  1. Well ... on the good news front:
    • #50 has been ordered and is on it's way!! After looking and looking and looking (and waiting for the price to be right), I ordered the Marron Glace GRANDE Matelasse from Diabro.net -- WOO HOO :yahoo:!!
    On the SAD front ... my place of employment has decided to block all access to forums/blogs, etc. -- which means that I can no longer get into tPF from work (son-of-a-:cursing:!!!). I'm NONE too pleased about this, it was the last of my guilty pleasures ... and since I spend so my bleedin' time at work to begin with, it was a nice diversion. So, my many friends ... you won't see me as often on the forum ... but I'll try to get in on the Weekends & Holidays!

    Cheers everyone!
  2. Congrats on your purchase CeeJay!

    On the sad note-- oh no!!! I always really enjoy your posts. Just means you need to come see us *often* in the evenings!!! :yes:
  3. ^^ yay, congrats on #50 CeeJay!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. and poo on your place of employment :hs:
  4. i second that!!! we need u here girl!!!!
    and many congrats on your 50th!! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks 'bama ... and TOTALLY agree on the "poo" statement (where did you get that emoticon ... I LOVE it?!?!?!).
  6. ^^ lol, it's a new one on tPF!!! :P
  7. :yahoo:Congrats CeeJay!!! Way to go!!!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats on number 50:yahoo:WOW! 50? Matelasse in Marron sounds gorgeous:yes:

    Not so good news on the work ban:tdown::tdown:

  9. I can't believe you have 50 bags, Ceejay! I should introduce you to my DH, so that my purchases seem trivial in comparison!! I'm sorry we won't see you around here as often.
  10. Yeah Chuggie ... I'm sure our H/B's would commiserate on the Handbag obsession!! As a matter of fact, when I told the H/B the other day that the STINKERS (workplace) had cut off access, his response was "THANK GOD!!!" I replied "excuse me ... you don't pay for the stuff!". Besides ... they have their own *toys* (his = 1982 Land Rover Series II), which I refer to as the rolling-sh:cursing:t-house! That POC is worse than a boat; it always has it's hands inside your wallet!
  11. True, I pay for all of my bags too which is by he generally doesn't balk at my purchases. Plus, he has a "toy" car that cost way more than any set of bags I own. Overall, he's relatively understanding, but still thinks I've gone a bit cockoo. :P
  12. wow congrats!! i'm in awe (and green with envy!).

    It stinks that you've been cut off at work, though!
  13. Congrats on your 50 Bal Ceejay !!!
    I've just ordered the Grande in Black from Diabro too!!!
  14. WOW- the big day is finally here:nuts:!
    Maybe you'll indulge us with a big extended family photo once #50 arrives...
  15. wow congratulations on number 50!! too bad on the work ban!!