50% at Shirise

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  1. Just this moment got an email, handbags and shoes on sale, no idea if there's more Balenciaga but worth checking out :yes:

  2. Thanks Christine!
  3. Ah! Please post if any Balenciagas go on sale!
  4. Just checked with Michael at Shirise..No Balenciaga sale bags left:sad: He said they have many other designers on sale though.
  5. We bought them out of the Balenciaga. This is still the same sale as before. I have seen ads in the local paper these past couple weeks.

    They have a lot of other designers -- some more known and some less but all nice!
  6. Michael told me the sale in updated online now.
  7. Thanks for posting!
  8. Thanks for posting!!
  9. You got it!
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