50 and Fabulous!

  1. Well..... since I really just started collecting a few months ago I would have to say mono because that is all I have right now. I want to collect the classics first and I feel that the mono is the ultimate quintissential classic. But I do like the Damier , too. I was thinking about buying a Damier piece just to have a little variety. I haven't thought about Epi, yet.
  2. Big Eyes, the Damier is sooo classy and chic! At the moment, I like it more then the Mono. I had an Alma in Damier and now I have the Triana and I looove both very much. The Triana is not often to see, very roomy - I can recommend it so much! Really classy and elegant!
  3. Hello ladies and thank you for this inspiring thread!
    I just finished reading every single post!
    I am 32 yo and I found myself agreeing with most of that's been said regarding bags, for ex: I love the classics (Speedy, Alma) I like damier, epi and usually things that are understated and not too flashy... And although I never thought about it but you do have a point regarding the new cles with the plaque...

    Big Eyes,
    Hello to you, I salute your courage. Thank you for sharing your story!
    A very close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast CA 5 years ago.
    She is doing great now and she is mostly collecting Gucci :smile:

    I also want to wish you the best of luck with your hip surgery.
    If I remember correctly you are from MA? (I live in Boston).
    Have you checked the Baptist Hospital?
  4. Big Eyes, where are you living and why do you speak French so good?
  5. Love reading your Threads ladies.... I am 31, just had a baby girl... loving motherhood so far... I know I still have a long long way to go... thank you for sharing some of your LV experience... It really a great read!
  6. Hi oui-moi!

    I am so happy that your friend is doing well. The thing about breast CA is that if you are diagnosed early then it is not a death sentence. Most patients do well with the proper treatment. Yes.... I live in Marblehead, about 17 miles north of Boston and I generally go to Salem Hospital for all my medical issues. In fact, that is where I had my breast surgeries. I had my radiation at North Shore Cancer in Centennial Park. I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon at Salem Hospital but I have been hearing many opinions about doctors at the Boston hospitals. And Baptist has a sterling reputation for joint surgery. I haven't decided when I am going to have the hip replaced. I keep putting it off because the thought of another surgery is not appealing to me. So I have good and bad days where my hip is concerned. I know that in the near future I will have to schedule the operation. I have been doing my homework and reading about the various procedures and hardware being used these days. The winter weather doesn't help, as you know.
    It is so nice hearing from somebody in the neighborhood. Thank you for your kind words. I never asked to have cancer.... so I cannot say that I was brave..... I just had to do what needed to be done in order to survive. I think that everyone has that instinct. When you are faced with adversity then you just have to get through as best you can.
    Anyway..... thanks for posting. We "50 ish " ladies appreciate it.
  7. Atlantique,

    You made my day when you complimented my French! I try to practice as often as I can with my friend who is French and lives part of the year here and part of the year in Provence. I live in Marblehead, Massachusetts. It is a coastal town about 17 miles north of Boston. At one time it was considered the yachting capital of the world. Anyway.... many years ago I was a French and Spanish teacher in the public school system in Massachusetts. But I went to graduate school and got my Master's Degree in Dance Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University. I didn't practice my French for many years..... other than to use French to name the steps in a ballet class. A few years ago, when I met my friend from Provence, I started to speak more with her. I don't know if I mentioned this but I have been married for 25 years (to the same husband.) In all our married life together we never travelled abroad..... maybe because we were busy raising 4 boys. But anyway.... June 2007.... my husband surprised me with the news that we would be taking our first trip abroad. He gave me three choices.... Barcelona, Paris or Rome. I chose Paris because I always wanted to go there. So we scheduled the trip for the first week in August and I practiced my French every day. We spent 9 glorious days in Paris and had such a lovely vacation. I used my French a lot. My husband does not speak a word so he was really happy to have me there. Anyway... you want to hear something funny? Last summer I really was not into LV yet and didn't have any interest in visiting the store. I could kick myself now for not knowing. But my husband loves Paris and would like to go back.... so the next time we are there I am definitely going to the boutique.
    Anyway... I am getting long-winded and am risking putting you to sleep so I will stop writing now. I am loving tpf and all the wonderful people I am meeting on a daily basis.... including you, atlantique.
  8. Kalai711,

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. So glad you are enjoying motherhood? Are you nursing?

    We are here to tell you that there is fashion after those years of spit up, leaky diapers and swollen eyes from sleepless nights. Treat yourself with a little LV once in a while for a job well done.
  9. Thanks Big Eyes...
    Yes I am nursing... sleep is definitely better now...haha... she is close to 6 months now... My husband bought me a Trevi for a "mommy gift"... It is definitely nice to receive a "push" present...haha

  10. Ohhhh, my favorite bag is my ivorie alma and would LOVE a red epi alma! Very hot for any age:tup:
  11. The blue suhali is one of my dream bags... don't give it up!:nogood:
  12. I'm a long hair gal and will never ever chop it.... I love long hair... The usual rules don't really apply in New Mexico, it's the Wild West, that's why I like it...Don't chop your hair if you love it:heart:
  13. Cancer must be very scary Big Eyes:heart: In 2007, I had 4 surgeries in 6 months and it really freaked me out... I had never had surgery before... I had an emergency gall bladder removal, and then another one associated with that, then foot surgery, then an emergency ovary removed and uterine ablation... Man.... being single it was really really tough, but like the saying goes, if it doesn't kill ya, then it just makes you stronger;) And, I really understood what that meant. I am thankful for all of my life's lessons and appreciate every single day... good luck with the hip replacement. Surgery is no fun, but it is really good that we can take care of ourselves, and in the long run it does help.:girlsigh:
  14. Veronika..... YIKES!!!!!! What a year you had! I only hope that 2008 is one of health and good luck for you. And going through it all as a single woman.... Bravo, Girl.. I give you credit. You are super strong and like you said.... That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. "I am woman. hear me roar."

    I will keep everyone informed when I do schedule my hip replacement. Thank you.
  15. Hello again Big Eyes -
    Good luck with your decision regarding hip surgery. DH is a pain physician, he says injections can be a temporary measure if you are not having imminent surgery.
    Let me know if you are looking for recommendations at the Baptist (and I can PM you).

    Thanks for letting me post here! :smile: