50-70% off at Karen Millen (Boston)!!

  1. For all you Boston folks :yahoo: .
  2. great deals - go get them Boston girls
  3. wow, didnt realise they had Karen Millen in the States, great prices, go go go

    I know they had a store in Dubai, so ofcourse they would have some in the US ;)
  4. I was in their store in Melbourne, Australia - great stuff!
  5. I'm in Boston but what is this store?:shame: :shame: :shame:
  6. thanks!
  7. Its a clothing store in Copley Place and the sale has been going on for about more than a week now I believe. :smile:
  8. There is also a Karen Millen store at the San Francisco Westfield center. When I was there last week, they had a lot of sale items.
  9. Thanks!:flowers:
  10. Thanks I am so there :yahoo:
  11. If you are in the SF store say hi to Nicky - she used to be the store manager in the largest London store