5 year Anniversary of 9/11

  1. I cannot believe that it has been 5 years already. It was one of those events that people can remember exactly where they were when they first learned about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center and the other tragic events of 9/11. It is a day that has touched me profoundly, as I am sure it has all of you, and I will tell my children all about it so that we never forget what happened.

    My heart goes out to anyone who lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy.

    So, my question to everyone is where were you when you first learned what happened or as the events of 9/11 unfolded??
  2. I was in university back then, and I had been in class all morning so I didn't know what happened until after it all unfolded. I came home from class late in the morning and my roommate was frantic because she knew I had family and friends in NY. I remember it feeling so surreal. I phoned my mom and she said that my dad had been taken from his office to an undisclosed location in case it happened in TO too. It was scary.
  3. I was sitting in my cardiologist's office, waiting for him to come back from a phone call his assistant called him to. He came in and said "My wife just called and she said that two planes hit the WTC, it's all over the news"

  4. English class, class had just ended, and my friend ran up to me and told me that the Twin Towers had been attacked. I was numb.
  5. I was at home in my apartment with my then-boyfriend. He and I had been fighting on and off after almost a year together and we decided OK, we need to just force ourselves to be with eachother and work through all our crap.

    The night before, September 10th, we were having a glass of wine and watching CNN. They were showing tons of footage of the old Air Force One 707 being retired. We laughed and thought geez, how boring, there must not be anything exciting going on in the world!

    Boy did we ever eat our words. I'm on the west coast so by the time I got up (around 6:30am) I remember hearing on the radio "Yes, yes, we're getting your calls...we know one of the WTC towers has collapsed..." I had just gotten out of the shower and my then-boyfriend was still asleep. I ran to the TV and turned it on and was so groggy and tired. Then the first thing I see is one tower collapsed and the other burning. I shrieked for my BF to get in here and look at this!

    One of my brothers was a flight attendant with american at the time, based at La Guardia and it was a heart wrenching few hours before we got a hold of him. He was off that day, Thank God.

    A relative of mine was in Manhattan that day and saw the 2nd plane go in right before her eyes. She's still traumatized to this day and can't go to air shows.

    I keep all the families in my thoughts and prayers every single day and will pray especially hard tomorrow.
  6. I was at the gym working out. They had the big tv's in the gym so you could watch all different channels and I remeber looking up and seeing the first plane hitting the WTC and then thinking "Hmmm, what was that" and then all of a sudden everyone just started yelling and they all started bolting from the place.
    I left in a panic too and stopped at a girlfriends to watch all the events unfold. I was in Austin, Texas at the time. I still remember it clearly.
    When we moved back to California I met my neighbor that is now my best friend, her husband was in one of the stock firms at the top of WTC, I love her so and feel so horrible for her at this time. The worst of it for her is all the stuff on tv rehashing the whole thing.
  7. I was on my way to work listening to the radio when the first plane crashed into the WTC. Then, as soon as I got into my office, I hear someone scream "OMG, another crashed." So we all immediately went to the kitchen to see what was going on the TV. None of us could believe what was happening, we were all in disbelief. But when the third plane hit the Pentagon, disbelief turned into panic. I remember feeling completely vulnerable, not knowing if we were being attacked or at war. Being in a high rise where i live, our entire office, and pretty much everyone in the building evacuated and went home. And there I sat for hours on my couch just watching the events unfold and just horrified, especially watching at the WTC came down, and the events being replayed all throughout the day.

    I still cannot believe what I witnessed, and the tragic loss of life that day. It really was heart wrenching, and still is.
  8. I was driving my brother to school when the first plane hit. When I got home I turned on CNN and saw the second plane crash. I had a feeling from the second I heard about it that it wasn't an accident and the second plane confirmed that. It was so surreal. It's hard to believe it has already been 5 years.
  9. I was in my first year of medical school at NYU- skipped class that morning to sleep in and heard it in the cafeteria when I went to get breakfast. I rushed to the lecture hall where class was getting out and started to spread the news (my classmates didn't know) and then the entire day became surreal. You could see the smoke from my building. My cell phone couldn't get through and no one could get to mine. But I do say that one of the best images was watching all the people (investment bankers/ consultants, blue collar workers, young, and old) all walk together from downtown to uptown stopping at all local hospitals asking if they could help. I will never forget that and because of it, NYC has always held a special place in my heart
  10. I was walking one of my dogs and looking further downtown at all the smoke wafting over the East River, figuring a warehouse with something inside like tires must be on fire. When I got back to my building, my doorman told me a plane had just hit the WTC. I asked if the pilot was drunk. (What can I say? It was more innocent times.) By then you could hear all the sirens on the FDR Drive. When I got upstairs my husband said I think something has happened (because of the sirens). We turned on the news and saw the second tower being hit.
  11. I was on an airplane that left Dulles at about 8:30 am heading for Seattle. I worked for Uncle Sam at that time and had just completed a biz trip and had spent a good deal of time at the Pentagon and Walter Reed Med Ctr.

    About an hour into the flight the Captain came on and announced: "the world trade center in NY has been bombed. We need to land the plane in Minneapolis for security reasons." It was so silent on the plane you could hear a pin drop. A woman towards the rear became frantic and was asking the flight attendants for news because her son worked in tower 2. :crybaby:

    After we started descending (really quickly I might add) the Captain came back on and told us, "Sorry folks, but Minneapolis is FULL. :wtf: We are going to Madison, Wisconsin... please obey the fasten seat belt signs as we going to make a rapid descent into Madison..."

    I think we all knew something seriously major was happening. When the plane finally landed, we got off in the terminal in Madison and all the televisions were on. We finally were able to see what had happened that morning. I got on my cell and found my husband had left like a dozen messages and so had my Mom and other family members. They were HYSTERICAL. :wtf:

    I think that I realized the gravity of the situation when I saw those TV screens... so I ran as quickly as I could (thank god I had my carry-on bag on that trip) to the nearest car rental counter. (What was weird was it was deserted there, when you'd think it would have been a mob scene. I think it's possible we were one of the first wave of planes to land there, maybe the overflow from Minneapolis, I don't know.)

    I showed the agent my DOD ID and told them I needed a car, any car they had. They had TWO CARS left and they told me it would be OK for me to turn the car in in Seattle when I got home (at this point I did not care, I was getting that car!) I rented a gi-normous Lincoln Town car and got out of there as soon as I could and headed to I-90. I drove west on I-90 for three days straight, stopping at rest stops to sleep and grabbing food along the way. I listened to the radio the entire time but did not see full television coverage until I got home. Had I stayed in Madison, I would have been stuck with a week's hotel bill and been responsible for my own food since I found out later that the airline did not reimburse any of the passengers for these expenses. I'm glad I trusted my intuition and did that, I needed to be home with my family.

    I never found out what happened to the son of the woman on the plane though and I've often wondered if he got out of Tower 2 alive.
  12. Crazy is RIGHT Vlad. Mewonders if that is the kind of news a CARDIOLOGIST should be delivering to his patients? Yee Gads!! :wtf:
  13. I was on my way to American History class at my local community college. When everyone arrived, people were already talking about it. Our professor turned on the TV that was in the classroom (we had cable service in class) and it was on every channel.

    I was very concerned about what, if anything, was going on in DC. The guy I dated at the time had family near there, his grandmother worked at the USDA. Classes continued until the middle of my second class, around 11:45 a.m. I called my family... it was a surreal experience.

    The events that happened on 9/11 didn't affect me directly (i.e., I didn't know anyone who was killed or inured in the attacks), but it did affect me somehow, for quite a while. I know this might sound strange, but I had trouble sleeping, I think many people walked around in a strange daze for days, if not weeks after it all happened.

    Whatever is going on in this country now, and however you might feel about the events of that day, there is no mistake that 3,000 innocent people died, and I think we were all affected somehow.
  14. I was still in school then at Emory University. A girl answered her cell phone, and starting freaking out saying that the towers had been hit. Everyone's cells started going off, and since a lot of my classmates came from NYC/Long Island people were hysterically crying.

    Our professor (an insensitive ass if ever there was one) walked in and said, "The World Trade Center was hit. So was the Pentagon, but life goes on, so we're having class." Insentive jerk. About ten minutes into class, the police came into our building. Emory has the Center for Disease Control right on campus, and there were rumors that the CDC was a target (we got evacuated a couple times that semester with all of the Anthrax scares) so the police evacuated our building, which was literally right next door to the CDC.

    One of my cousins worked in the Pentagon that day. He kept running back in to rescue people, and now he has thyroid cancer-as do two other people that he's friends with that were running back in to rescue people. They think it's from inhaling all the smoke and fumes. He's 26 years old and his cancer surgery is scheduled for tomorrow-yep 9/11.
  15. I had just woke up, logged on, and got an email from a friend. I turned on the news and laid on the couch between puking (I was newly pregnant at the time). I know we watched the news non-stop for a few days.