5 Turnlock Teri's later................

  1. So I have wanted a turnlock teri for a while. I ordered a black and a cordovan from Zappos. The black comes to me and the zipper track is messed up towards the end and wont close. The cordovans handles...one of them is a lighter shade of red and (to me) contrasts badly with the rest of the bags coloring.

    I ordered two more cordovans from Shopbop. One came with a white spot on the front. Tiny...but very much there. It will not come off.

    The other cordovan for some odd reason is perfect EXCEPT for the fact that it is noticably smaller (like an inch to an inch and a half in length) than all the other teri's Ive seen.

    Zappos sent me a replacement black teri today and the zipper pull was scratched....i mean like scratched, dinged, etc.

    I am still teri-less.

    I could keep the "smaller" cordovan teri but I dunno......Am I being unreasonable? or is this just freaking off the wall...

    With a $428 dollar bag, I expect a lot...

    But I would like to be informed if I am being unreasonable or if other chicks can relate to how I am being
  2. if your not happy with it now you'll always hate not getting the perfect one!!
  3. I can relate, so I don't think you are being unreasonable. I have had the same experience and once had to order the same bag 5 or 6 times because I was dissatisfied with various defects.

    I guess it also depends on the types of flaws we are talking about. Maybe having one that is slightly smaller but otherwise perfect wouldn't be so bad.
  4. That's disappointing, for sure. I hate that you still haven't found one good bag. You should NOT have to settle for less than a perfect bag!
  5. that happened to me with the teri...after a few tries, i gave up. some of it is the nature of the leather they're using on the turnlock line....because it's so soft, it's going to absorb dyes differently, etc. but the zippers should be higher quality, and the size should certainly be the same...and frankly, they should be matching the leathers to each other as they assemble.

    i think you'll find that throughout the turnlock line...i haven't found a 'perfect' bag in that line yet.
  6. I don't think you have to settle for anything but the best. It's not cheap, and the brand should live up to its expectations.
  7. At this rate, you may be better off going to the boutique.