5 things!

  1. 5 by 5
    Five items in my freezer

    five items in the closet (hall closet)
    -first aid kit
    -cleaning supplies
    -travel bags
    -and porn. just kidding :supacool:

    Five items in the car
    - hand sanitizer
    - tissues
    - emergency kit
    - change
    - air freshner

    Five items in my purse
    - $$$
    - hand sanitizer*******:upsidedown:
    - eye drops
    - sunglasses
    - lip stuff

  2. My 5 Must-Haves:

    Freezer: chocolates, ice-cream, strawberries, green-tea & water.
    Bag: Cellphone, moisturizer, lip-gloss, tissues and wallet.
    Car: emergency kit, tissues, hand sanitizer, air fresher & sunglasses.
  3. Five items in my freezer
    -frozen normandy veggie mix from costco
    -weight watchers mac and cheese
    -ben and jerry's half baked low fat frozen yogurt

    five items in the closet (bedroom closet)
    -wedding dress
    -work polos
    -memory box
    -tiara collection

    Five items in the car
    - lip gloss (lots!)
    - small change/bills
    - altoids/gum
    - water bottle(s)
    - book(s)

    Five items in my purse
    - food journal
    - sunnies
    - ipod
    - an OTC pharmacy (tylenol, aleve, advil, and three types of tums!)
    - all the stuff i listed that you'd find in my car

    great thread!:flowers:
  4. Five items in my freezer
    -Morningstar Farms Burgers
    -Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream
    -Ice packs

    five items in my closet
    -winter shoes
    -winter handbags
    -Small vacuum cleaner
    -2 bottles of Evian

    Five items in the car
    - Tampons
    - The Ladies Tool Kit
    - Spare Change
    - Candy
    - candy wrappers

    Five items in my purse
    - Wallet
    - Peppermint Vernis Ludlow
    - Tissues
    - Sunglasses
    - Hand lotion

    That was fun!
  5. Freezer:
    Betty Crocker Crock-Pot meals
    Skillet sensations

    Books I haven't read yet
    Unused candles
    neck massager
    tissue paper

    Sirius radio (portable)
    garage door opener
    car tag for school
    change for toll road

    Chap Stick
    Pack of Cigarettes
    Car Keys
  6. 5 by 5
    -ice cubes
    -Edies's Fruit Bars

    Closet (Front Hall):
    -Light Weight Coats
    -Photo Albums
    -We Each Have Shoes To Put On Right Away
    -Slippers For Each Of Us (& Guest Slippers ~ If They Like!)

    - Tissues
    - Emergency Kit
    - Umbrella
    - Discs
    - Extra Clothes For The Gym (In The Trunk)

    - Wallet
    - Key Holder
    - Cosmetics Case
    - Sunglasses
    - Cell
  7. lol no one else seems to wanna join in!
  8. i used to make fun of hubby for keeping extra bread in the freezer...good to know we're not the only ones! :smile: