5 Things you can't live without?

  1. What are 5 things that you just could not live without?

    Here are mine.
    1.My Purses
    2.My Car
    3.My Computer
    4.My Disneyland Annual Pass
    5.My Debit Card
  2. 1. My family
    2. My books
    3. My Visa
    4. My clothes
    5. My shoes and bags

    I could actually live without 3,4,and 5...but they do make life more pleasant!
  3. My thumb
    Middle Finger (Definitely can't live without my middle finger)
    Ring finger ***
    Pinky ( pinky swear)
  4. (mine are sort of nerdy)

    cell phone
  5. For me :
    My family
    cell phone
  6. My family
    My chinchillas
    My purses
    My photos
    In N Out burger :graucho:

  7. 5 Things.
    My family are not things ha ha...
  8. I started to feel guilty for not putting family or s.o. but then I reread the question.
  9. 1. Amex
    2. Contacts (If I wouldn't be blind, Internet would replace this!)
    3. Make-up
    4. Cable TV
    5. Clothes-LOL
  10. lipbalm
    cell phone
    my bags
  11. Things:
    My purses
    My cell phone
    My rings
    My computer
    My new HD Digital cable box with recorder (Canadian TIVO)-it's AWESOME!
  12. 1~Family
    2~My animals (2 cats, fish and a hamster)
    3~My purses
    4~My car
    5~My Home
  13. 1. moisturiser

    2. Computer

    3. my car

    4. cash or credit cards

    5. designer couture, purses.
  14. 1. Cell phone

    2. Wallet

    3. Glasses/ Contacts

    4. Internet

    5. A bed :P
  15. lip balm
    cell phone
    debit card
    blue india first