5 things can't live without - but could 5 years ago

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  1. I loved the "5 things can't live without" thread.

    Yesterday we had a big storm. Power out for 16 hours. I discovered I was more spoiled than I had realized.

    So I thought I'd start a
    5 things you can't live without - but could 5 years ago.

    My 5:
    High speed internet at home
    Cell phone plan with 2,000 monthly minutes
    Voip phone
    Hand warmer that is fueled by cigarette lighter fluid (Loved that thing last night!)
    Hair dye that covers my new gray hairs

    What are yours?
  2. Great thread!

    1. High speed internet... did they even have that five years ago?
    2. Chanel bags
    3. Business suits
    4. A grocery store within walking distance now that I'm in a big city
  3. our power was out last night too and i had the same epiphany re: my spoiledness. thankfully it was only about 4 hours. :smile:

    1) my chi flat iron.
    2) high speed internet
    3) netflix
    4) text/picture messaging
    5) shopping!
  4. 1. wifi
    2. dvr/tivo
    3. designer bags!
    4. designer denim
    5. sushi
  5. 1. High speed internet
    2.Designer Bags
    3. Designer hoes
    4. Tivo
    5. My BF
  6. 1.wireless internet
    2.Designer Bags
    5.my fiancé and cat ;)
  7. 1 - Designer bags
    2 - Fast internet
    3 - Blonde hair
    4 - My BMW
    5 - The purse forum
  8. wireless internet :happydance:
    dual-pane windows (!!!!) :wlae:
    reading glasses (sob, sob) :Push:
    my iPod :jammin:
    THE PURSE FORUM :yahoo:
  9. 1) High Speed Internet
    2) Designer bags
    3) The Purse Forum
    4) Ipod
    5) shopping!!
  10. High speed Internet connection
    my marriage
  11. 1. - 5. My son....he's three...and the apple of my eye

  12. 1. My boys - Louis and Willie . . . they're my furry little sons!
    2. High speed internet. Remember how LONG it took to download videos over the internet? Now, all you have to do is go to Youtube and search for the movie there.
    3. DVDs
    4. My Speedy 30.
    5. My plastic surgery.
  13. 1) Wireless high speed internet
    2) laptop
    3) DVR (same thing as Tivo)
    4) satellite radio (home, work & car)
    5) my awesome Herman Miller chair at work
  14. TPF
    cell phone
    Louis Vuitton
    my lint roller
  15. - laptop
    - DSL
    - designer bags
    - cell phone
    - car
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