5 souvenirs...what would you ask for?

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  1. Hello all...

    My sisters are leaving for England and Scotland this week. I need to give them a list of things I want.

    Though I have been to England before, I have yet to visit Scotland, so I'm not sure what to ask for.

    This is where you all can help....is there something in particular that is a must have or quintessential to the Scottish experience?


    Oh yeah...so far, I am asking for a Burberry scarf, seeing as it is so "english" :P
  2. shortbread, haggis, edinburgh, highlands - i know very cliche but this is what i fell in love with when i was there. honestly, scotland is one of my fave countries, if not the favourite! :love: totally love it.

    seriously, you could ask for shortbread and maybe traditional scottish wool jumpers - at least as far as I saw that was something quite trad for there.

    best is though if some scots would input, as they know all the 'insider' stuff... lucky your sisters, wish I could go!
  3. as for burberry - the actual 'burberry' check is not really worn in UK except football crazies. I would ask for something more understatement from burberry ;).

    also quintessentially English - something from Topshop, PG tips (tea), and Galaxy Ministrels (ok, that is just what I miss right now - used to live there and I want MINISTRELS!).
  4. Burberry was made in Wales but now it's closed and relocated to China or somewhere.

    Scottish - Hagis (if you dare), Shortbread, Tartan, Whiskey

    England - Tea, Newcastle Brown Ale, something from Harrods, cadbury chocolate, something with the Queen on
  5. From Scotland perhaps something tartan, they have different tartans for different clans!

    From England, well if in London then definitely something from Harrods :smile:
  6. Marmite? Marie biscuits? Earl grey tea?
  7. My ex got me a pretty tartan blanket (not name brand, but nice and warm!) from Scotland. Also some mead.
  8. My favorite souvenir from London was my double handled tote bag from Harrods! I didn't carry it there as I didn't want to look too "touristy" but I still carry it!
  9. Scotch :smile:

  10. Something from Harrods for sure, and on the cheaper side.... Walkers Cheese and onion Crisps!! God I miss those.
  11. I agree with the others....

    A tote from Harrods (they have the cutest little dog mascot...I'm a sucker for a cute doggie)

    Tea Mug (I love the size of a lot of these...usually as tall as a normal mug but slender)



    Candy (I love British candy...I'm not a huge candy fan but the British stuff tastes so much better than the overly sweet stuff we're used to in the States)

    And I always ask for Migralieve (sp???) an OTC pain reliever with codiene. ;) ***Technically, you're not supposed to bring these back though***
  12. Marmalade, jam, tea, shortbread, Tea Caddy
  13. :yes: Those are soooo good.

    Also, cadbury carried a bunch of chocolate bars that I've never seen in the US that are good (and a cheap gift).