5 People That You Encounter While Shopping

  1. Just some collective thoughts from my years of shopping experiences and the result of a few extra minutes :lol:

    1. Mr./Mrs. iPod: We've all seen them before. The people that walk around in stores with their earphones firmly placed in their ears. Come on, the music they play in stores can't be that bad. Are you that scared of the possibility of talking to other people?

    2. The Old "Friend": Nothing's more irritating then bumping into someone you once knew way back when (unfortunately) but haven't had any contact with in an extremely long time (thankfully). Chances are that they would just love to chat about old memories in the middle of the store while you would rather get on with what you came to do in the first place - your shopping.

    3. The Hitter-Onner: Yes, the smug and often creepy guy (or it could be a girl as well) who just knows that you would kill to be his "sexy baby". Even worse when they come in groups of three. The usual brush off doesn't distract him from his mission. This one usually takes a "run-and-hide" technique to escape from the prowl.

    4. The Interrupter: It's hard to avoid this person's canny knack for eavesdropping and then eagerly putting forth their own thoughts and opinion regardless of the fact that a.) you didn't ask for it and b.) uhm, do I know you? The worst case scenario is when this person automatically considers that a friendship has formed in the few minutes where they profoundly and loudly declared that "yes, that dress does make you look huge" and attempts to spend the rest of the day shopping with you since it seems like "it would be fun."

    5. The "I-Love-My-Itty-Bitty-Dog": I can't think of too many reasons why a person would shove their tiny dog into an even smaller bag and tote them around for hours on end while they go shopping. Especially to go clothes shopping. Why do you need a teacup Chihuahua to go try on cocktail dresses and stilettos? Is he/she going to bark once if you look terrible and bark twice if it's a perfect fit? Poor doggy.
  2. :tup:Mr./Mrs. iPod is an epidemic here in San Franciso!
  3. Don't forget the "teen packs" - teenagers who can't seem to shop with less than five friends, the "divas" - the snooty woman with designer everything who keeps the SA busy trying to find exactly what she wants and has no qualms about interrupting you when you are trying to talk to the SA, and the "fake handbag carriers" - - generally nice but clueless.
  4. i'm from the Bay and this is so true^^^^

    ^^i hate the "divas":yucky:
  5. don't forget the guys/girls who go to the mall just to pick up girls/boys....you know...the guys in groups of 5 sitting around watching girls pass by.
    and the slutty girls walking around half naked!!
  6. I do the iPod thing when I really don't want people to talk to me. If I'm just browsing, I don't need to waste the SA's time, and I'll be honest - I'm plain old antisocial when I have the opportunity to be. I still acknowledge a greeting and pop out one earbud to say "sorry, just looking." I can't understand why SA's still stalk me around the store and keep to talking to me. I'm broke and not your friend, leave me alone. I might have come back when I am looking to buy something, but I probably won't now because you've rubbed my misanthropic self the wrong way. There's this one boutique in Soho that gives me the heebie jeebies because every time I turned around, this salesgirl was in my face asking me if I was interested in whatever was in front of my face 10 seconds before.

    How about those people who work at carts in the mall and are apparently trained to be rude to people? They always interrupt while I'm talking to someone.
    "May I ask you a question?"
    "No thank you."
    And while I'm trying to resume my conversation, they go straight ahead with their sales pitch, even while I'm walking away. I had this one girl yelling after me, asking how old I was. What the heck? Since when is yelling after people a good business practice?
  7. along with the ipod people, the people who won't get off their cell phones... be present in the moment, in the store, shopping! it drives me crazy that people need to be constantly connected to someone.

    I read an article a while ago about how young adults nowadays will have no creativity because they never just walk around and think and let their brain wander, people can't walk down the street without whipping out their phone to make aimless chatter with whomever.
  8. Oh, those carts in the middle of the mall! I try to walk by without even looking at them. They are either selling some hair straightener product they want to try on you or some crazy overpriced item I'm not interested in. They practically follow you.:nuts:
  9. ^^ Ahh I forgot about the carts in the mall! I had one guy literally walk after me and follow me for at least 30 seconds trying to sell me some cream (and he was pretty hott too but that's a different story LOL)!
  10. That reminds me! My friend and I were walking around the mall when this guy comes up and asks, "Do you guys speak english?" YES WE DO. "Let me ask you something, who's the 3rd president of the USA?" My friend replies THOMAS JEFFERSON. "That's it, now what's the square root of 81?" 9. At this point I'm thinking WTH? Then he basically said he was just playing around and that we looked interesting so he wanted to come talk to us. WE HAVE BFS. "Good relationships?" GREAT. "ARE YOU SUREEE?" OK, lame!
  11. The old guy trying to look young- he's over 40 with a receding hairline, pointy or otherwise "out there" shoes, a sweater, and obviously designer jeans (I see them all the time at Saks). Act your age, please!

    The self-important teenage girl- wearing too much makeup, Uggs, and Abercrombie clothes. Acts like hot sh*t but buys virtually nothing and manages to annoy everyone (shoppers and SAs included) within her vicinity.
  12. ^^ Uggs kill me. I'm glad that they look bad on me so that I'm not tempted to fall into the fad :push:
  13. "Have you heard of the Dead Sea?"
    "Yes, I have, and please leave me alone, I don't want you to rub stuff on me unless I know you for a while."
    "But ma'am, the dead sea is rare..."
    ... LOL
  14. You forget the angry stomping ladies. Theyre mad about something and theyre stomping as theyre walking across the mall. You usually hear them before you see them, and they usually have a pissed off or *****y look on thier face. And sometimes if you're lucky you see the bf/hubby following closely behind with thier heads down looking at the floor.
  15. Cell phone people are definitely worse. I turn up my iPod so I can hear myself think over their conversations. :p

    But I think the worst are the kids with sidekicks who keep messaging while they're walking. This is bad enough in the mall, but I see this in the crowded streets too, which is kinda scary. They're constantly crashing into people because apparently AIM is more important than walking, and I'm amazed they're not getting run over in the intersections.
    It's the same thing with the kids I teach, they're paying so much for college and still want to waste their time on AIM all class long.

    Also, kids at the mall who wear those wheeled sneakers. I really want to trip them every time they nearly crash into me.