5% Off Plus Free Shipping at Yoox

  1. The code is pp@yoox.

    I used it to snag this Stella McCartney large fabric bag in tan (they are out of tan now, but still have grey) for $62 (plus I went through ****** for an extra 6% back) :yahoo::

  2. Thanks!

    I just got these MJ shoes which have been in my cart forever.

  3. Btw. Luckyrewards members get 10% cash back at yoox.com. And I paid through paypal using the $15/30 cashback coupon that you can sign up for in the link in the other thread.
  4. cool, thanks! just got a fun Stella McCartney top for the summer! $28!!
  5. Fantastic! Just got some hawt Ritratti lingerie, AND you reminded me to use ******!
  6. Bought a pair of leather Prada gloves. Thanks!