Travel 5 nights in Milan with a day trip to Venice or just 3 nights in venice?


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Nov 3, 2015
Hi Everyone,
I need some help in making my decision. My trip is in May I event booked anything yet because I am very confused. I was in Milan years ago just for one day to visit a friend didn't see or do much just had lunch and went to see her newborns. I was thinking of doing 4 or 5 nights in Milan and doing a couple days trips Lake Como, Verona, and Venice. Most people said I can see everything in Milan in one day. Prices in Milan for a good hotel are much cheaper than in Venice. I always dreamed of going to Venice and staying at the Cipriani but prices are very high and all the other hotels in Venice are around $400 a night, and I really wanted to stay at the Cipriani. So I am torn I can't afford both do I go to Milan and do a day trip, and if I enjoy venice I plan on going back with a bigger bank or do I skip Milan and go straight to Venice? 3 nights in venice will be the same price as five nights in milan.
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Oct 30, 2006
I LOVE Venice. I would never miss a chance to go. You can find cheaper rooms. Keep trying. I was looking at rooms on the grand canal and they were wicked expensive. I found an two bedroom apartment that was about a 5 minute walk from St. Marks Square overlooking a canal that was perfect and it was relatively cheap. But I need two bedrooms because I have kids.
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Feb 10, 2014
I love to hear everyone rave about Venice! DH and I are going in Sept/Oct. Actually we are only spending a few days in Venice and then heading into Umbria and Tuscany. I had to fight HARD to get DH to agree to let me spend a few days in Venice! He just doesn't seem interested and wants to get straight to the Italian countryside (and the wine there, I suspect. Lol). Anyway, I'm glad I won on that point! We have been to other spots in Italy before but never to Venice, so any tips about how to best enjoy our time there would be greatly appreciated! I can't wait!
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