5 NEW Chanel stuff --- HEHEHEHEHE

  1. First off I would like to introduce my new Chanel J12.

    Purchased during the Saks EGC event. I would like to give a special thanks to Corey (TPF: Calisnoopy) for sharing with us on how she got her J12 with 10% discount!

    Thanks to you Corey I got my J12 for a whooping $4,140!!!
    NO TAX + 10% OFF + $450 Gift card! YOU ROCK!!!

    j12t.jpg j12o.jpg j12th.jpg
  2. Wow, that's a great deal! Congrats on the J12, it looks great on you!
  3. Now, where are the other four??? :popcorn:
  4. Second ... I would like to share these new shades purchased from Bloomingdales. $510 + tax

    3rd .... Metallic black CC holder $240 + tax
    shades1.jpg shades2.jpg ccbag.jpg ccreissue.jpg
  5. 4th .... Navy GST purchased at old price $1750 + 20/20 discount + tax

    Oh yea I realized I didn't buy a 5th Chanel item *oops*
    Too much shopping ... Lol I have officially lost my mind.

    navy1.jpg navy2.jpg navy3.jpg
  6. You really cleaned up! I love the watch, the bag, wallet and sunglasses, you did great!
  7. You've been shopping girl, AWESOME! Excellent choices... I love your sunnies, wallet and the navy GST, congrats and enjoy all the beauties!
  8. i love everything!!!! enjoy all your new Chanel goodies!!!
  9. Congrats... those are some stunning buys... congrats... loved them all....
  10. Nice, congrats!!
  11. Whoa!! Congrats on your loot! The watch and the sunnies look stunning on you! I've never seen the reissue CC holder before, and it is soooo cute!!! The MM clasp on that little thing..amazing! Good job on the navy GST too of course!
  12. Love the watch, bag and sunnies!! What size is your J12? 33 or 38 mm?
  13. Congrats they're all beautiful! My favorites are the J12 and the Navy GST!
  14. Loving them all, especially the J12! That watch is so hot! Congrats!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. Ohhh, you brought home some fabulous goodies, wow!!! :heart: :drool: The J12 looks great on you, as do the sunnies!! :tup: I love the GST (the navy is a great alternative to black), and I especially LOVE the metallic black cardholder (looks amazing with your reissue!)... I think I need it, it’s so freakin adorable!!! :tender: Congrats on everything!!! :yahoo: