5 more pounds!? What the heck!?

  1. :yucky:So as a fun result of the depo shot i gained around 20 pounds putting me at 5'7 160. :sad:
    After getting off it, water weight etc i was around 150.
    So I want to get down to my usual weight of 140 (preferably 135) and Ive been dieting and exercising like 3 time a week maybe( im fit (i run a 730 mile) but dieting makes me tired so I usually dont have the energy to exercise). No more sugar, eating more veggies and my vitamins,less snacking, lots of water, ....


    what the hell? This is sucking big time , expecially so close to spring break.
  2. If you are exercising, and taking vitamins (which could contain protein), you are probably gaining muscle. Don't despair yet, keep going. If you are fit, you are probably just adding more muscle onto your already tone build. Don't worry! :flowers:
  3. I gained about 30 LBs in the 11 month period I was on the Depo. I stopped it like a month ago so I hope some of the weight will be gone as a result!
  4. three times a week really isn't that much. i would bump it up to at least 5 times a week of VIGOROUS exercise, don't just stand on the elliptical.

    and imo, don't weigh yourself...just go by how healthy you feel
  5. lol thanks for all the advice... i know I have to get back exercising 5X a week... but i HATE exercise lol :sweatdrop:

    ahh well... guess its just self control and i gotta get back on track. yoga tomorrow morning at 6 AM so i better drag my butt to that .
  6. The depo shot is just no good. I was on it for a year and promptly got off!
  7. Also, try tracking your measurements. That way, if your body is changing shape, you can see it. I don't track all of my measurements regularly, but I do try to measure my waist, since that's typically where I gain...
  8. After I stopped taking my BCP- I dropped 17-18 lbs...and still counting....them things was bloating me up and packing on the pounds- I did not realize how thick I was.... I have not done one bit of exercising or dieting....
  9. I'm pretty sure that the weight increase you're experiencing is due to muscle mass gained after all your exercise.

    Actually at the end of the day, if your clothes fit better & you're healthier do you want to scrutinise your weight so much?
  10. because you know when you looked one way, and it WASNT that long ago? I mean i look at the pictures from my summer and i looked really good and now Bleh.. im dreading bikini season!

    plus my clothes don't fit better! Sos its discouraging:dots: