5 minutes to get to work?

  1. I'll be trying to get a new job shortly. It will require me to show up within 5 minutes when I'm on call. It will take me more than 5 minutes to get there from where I live. I need some advise on what to do. I've been thinking about just finding a parking space close to work, and then sit in my car reading or something. If I get a call I can get there quickly then. I'm afraid it might get boring to just sit in my car after a while, so can anyone suggest other ways? I'll be on call for about 4-5 hours a day, so it's not an entire day.
  2. Why in the world do they want you there within 5 min? That's impossible to do that. Maybe ask them to give you a little more time to get there. Or maybe you can call an hour early to see if they need you at work?

    I think you should talk to a manager about the whole 5 min. rule and explain there's no way you can get there from your house to work in that short amount of time. Plus if you wait around in the parking lot, that's a waste of gas/time.

    Hope this helps :flowers:
  3. The 5 minute rule is non-negotiable. And unfortunately they said it's not possible to stay at work while on call.
  4. :wtf: Wow, that's crazy! I, myself wouldn't want to work somewhere with that crazy rule. Maybe find another job? Or if not, you'd have to wait in the parking lot and call them to see if they need you.

    Where is your job/which company?
  5. It's a fire fighting job. So the 5 minute rule is important.
  6. This is absolutely ludicrous! How often will you be on call? Will you be sitting in the car for the entire 4-5 hours of being on call? This sounds like a complete waste of time...I have never heard of this before in my life! What if you are in the washroom when they call? Are you supposed to stop peeing and start running there? Sorry...this just sounds absurd to me!
  7. ^^^OPs job is as a fire fighter means time is of the essence!!!

    Rain, what do your co-workers do? Do they hang out somewhere? Or is there a coffee shop or library nearby?
  8. I'm not sure what the other people do, I haven't started the job yet. There is no fire station in my town, the closest one is about 4 miles away. I can make that in 5 minutes if there is no traffic. But they're not currently looking for anyone, so I'll have to get a job at a fire house at least 15 minutes from where I live. So of course that means I have to find a place to hang out while I wait for the next call.
  9. I agree with redney is there a coffee shop, library, cafe, maybe even a mall somewhere where you can hang out? What about asking others in a similar position what they do?
  10. I was actually thinking about a mall as well, but I can't really buy things in case I get a call while I'm in line. I'll have to drop everything and run to my car. But I'll look into the coffee shop thing.
  11. YIKES!@!@@!!!!
    Thats awful!they should at least have u stay somewhere.(a firehouse...?)...kinda ruins your downtime..NO?
  12. There must be others at work that do what you do? When you do start, you can ask others what they do while "on call". Maybe they hang out somewhere together?

  13. Yeah I was really shocked when I was told there was no way of staying at the firehouse. I mean just give me a table, chair and a book and I would be just fine waiting there. It's not like I'm asking for a big screen tv with 1000 channels. lol. But I guess maybe it's a rule they have for some reason. I know some firehouses let people stay there. To be honest I think in some cases they even HAVE to.
  14. that's interesting....my husband is in a similar profession and gets a 30 minute on call time. that's the shortest call time i've ever heard of.

    this seems most likely.....but in case it isn't is moving an option? it would totally suck, but i know there are people in my husband's company that have moved to be closer to work....however they still have 25 more minutes than you do.

    good luck.
  15. 5 minutes??? That's a bit ridiculous. I think it's crazy for you to have to wait around for them to call you. So in all that downtime that you're waiting around for them to call, you're not even getting paid?