5 Magazines for $29.95 1 Full Year Subscription

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  1. My friend sent me this link xxxxxxxxxxxx
    This site provides you 5 Different Magazines for only $29.95 for Full-year Subscription.

    It's such an awesome deal that I can't resist, so I just ordered 5 : Vogue, W Magazine, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan & Allure

    Gosh, they have so many popular magazines from different publishers to choose from, now I wonder whether I should go back and order more :yahoo:

    I had to edit the link as it was giving kick backs to someone and we don't allow anything like that. It still works, but now there's no commission.
  2. Thanks for the info. I also go Vogue, W, VF, & a couple for my hubby. What a deal!
  3. 255medina, I used to buy W magazine on the stand.. and now i was like an idiot paying all that high price ! lol :P
  4. wow that is a very good deal:yahoo: ..thankyou
  5. Awww!!! Great post! Too bad Canadians can't participate. :crybaby:
  6. got mine! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the link!!!
  8. does anybody know how long will it usually take for those Subscriptions to arrive?? I am so impatient to wait ........
  9. Also, is there any other sites that have similar offers like this too ??? I would like to order Bazaar but don't see it on this site.
  10. is this true do u get any hidden fees?
  11. No hidden fees , I asked my floormate friend just now. She said all on the credit card bill is just $29.95 .

    and as i am browsing the PF forum, I bought another 5 mags not myself this time, but as Xmas gift Argh.. i want my magazines.. darn it!

    I really wish they have Instyle & Bazaar..
  12. Sounds like a great deal!
  13. I'm pretty sure I saw Bazaar. Under Harper's Bazaar.
  14. Great deal! I just wish they had pet magazines.
  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! I was just searching through the "B" list, and didn't go to Harpers Bazzar... .Thank you Jadejett!:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.