5 Course Meal Suggestions

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm engaged! Oh my goodness I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful man in my life that wants to be with me forever. It's been a week now since he proposed and I'm still on cloud 9!

    Back on topic though. He loves good meals and fine dining. Unfortunately where we live right now the best restaurant in town is a local bar that has decent food during the day. So I want to make him a delicious five course meal to really wow him when he gets home from work on Friday. He also loves good wine so I'd like to sort of make the meal go along well with the wine I choose (he prefers red). But I need help! I'm a good cook and I'm great with using different spices etc. but I've never done a full five courses. I know I want the main course to be a filet mignon, I've already ordered the filets from the butcher. But I'm not sure the best way to work the rest of the meal around it. Hmm and desert should include chocolate and strawberries cause that's he's absolute favorite.

    I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me out with ideas for the courses! He's not too picky of an eater and I'm open to making just about anything. So lets get some suggestions rolling!
  2. A good way to add course w/o too much work is to go for a salad course to start (you can make a seemingly fancy salad quickly and easily, frisee with a poached egg and good bacon maybe?) and end with a cheese plate. Seems fancy, but very little work! Are you planning on making sides for the steak? If so I would think a salad (or soup), steak, 2 sides, chocolate covered berries and cream and a cheese plate would be a wonderful fancy meal. You can pair the cheese and desert with some cool wines too!
  3. 1st - shrimp/lobster/crab cocktail
    2nd - caesar salad
    3rd - filet (broil or grill)
    4th - oven roasted potatoes and veggies or baked potato
    5th - strawberries dipped in chocolate

    wine - corte alla flora (tuscany, italy) this is the best red wine i've ever had!

    wow, now i'm hungry!
  4. Okay... I have given it some thought:

    First Course - 1/2 dozen oysters on half shell or shrimp cocktail [This you can prepare ahead of time and takes minimal preparation.]

    Second Course - Tuna Caparccio - Pounded sashimi grade tuna and avocado slices on micro green, in seasoned olive oil. [This too you can prepare ahead of time. And there are plenty recipes for this dish on the internet.]

    Third Course - Shell fish bouillabaisse, served with rosemary rubbed toast points. [This too you can prepare ahead of time.] I like this recipe by Giada De Laurentis, with an italian twist (http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,1977,FOOD_9936_28199,00.html). I've prepared it before at home with great success.

    Fourth Course - Filet (prepared to his liking) and his favorite 2 sides (for example: his favorite potatoe dish, sauteed chanterelle mushroom, sauteed green beans, broccoli rabe...whatever he likes) [This is a little tough b/c with the filet, it's all about timing. Overcooked, even the most choice cut of meat can taste bland. You would need to take a break from having dinner to prepare it.]

    Fifth Course - A 4-5 variety cheese course for him, a progression of soft to hard; and mixed berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) served with whipped cream for her. You share of course.

    Champagne to accompany the first 3 courses (b/c after all this is an engagement celebration!) and a red wine for the steak. Talk to someone at your local wine store to pick out something that you like and suits your budget. You could serve a dessert wine with the last course, but that might be an overkill.

    Also prepare at least 3 different types of artisanal bread and serve them in a bread basket lined with white linen napkin. You're trying to recreate that five star restaurant experience at home. You can serve the bread with an herbal butter or mixed olives.

    Also, if you have a good french patisserie in town, pick up an assortment of macaroons, gellies, chocolate coated nuts, etc... and serve them on a small pretty plate after the fifth course with good coffee.
  5. Thank you so much everyone! I definately have some good ideas in my head :smile: I'm so excited! I'm a little nervous about the steaks, I've cooked them before. I like mine pretty rare and he likes his more medium well, and I know they continue to cook a little after coming off the grill. I'm hoping the meat thermometer will work just right!
  6. i really don't have any suggestions and the previous recommendations all sound fabulous. i just wanted to say: CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I know you already got the filets... For future reference, here is a FABULOUS recipe for prime rib. I never order it in restaurants anymore. Leftovers are great for sandwiches, too.

    Skip the pan sauce.

    If you like short ribs... MMM

    Dessert: simple but delicious creme brulee, I skip the ginger

    Let us know how your meal turns out and what you ended up serving!