5 Coeds Beat up another woman then brag about it on Facebook

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    POSTED: 6:30 am EDT October 12, 2007
    UPDATED: 6:55 am EDT October 12, 2007
    MUNCIE, Ind. -- Police said five women, four of them Ball State University students, brutally attacked another woman and then bragged on the Internet about what they had done.The attack happened in an off-campus neighborhood on North Maplewood Avenue on Oct. 7, 6News' Renee Jameson reported.

    The students, Rene Whiteley, Ashley Kirkman, Kari Streib, Alysse Popov and a friend, Amanda Polson, are charged with battery with serious bodily injury, a Class C felony.Investigators said they attacked a 20-year-old Ivy Tech student, who told police she was grabbed by the throat, pushed to the ground and kicked all over her body, shattering her elbow."We do have information about them boasting, laughing about it," said Muncie police Detective Jami Brown. "I think she's really worried about retaliation from the girls. They're getting blocked calls on their phones, and they think it's the girls that are doing that."

    Brown said the attack stemmed from the victim's friend going out with a boyfriend of one of the suspects some time ago."This whole thing has gained momentum over time, and I don't know if the girls really know what they're fighting over in the first place," Brown said.Police said some of the women bragged about the beating on social networking site Facebook, referring to the entire incident as a joke."That's how we got the girl to identify the attackers was by using Facebook," Brown said.Ball State University officials said they will investigate the incident and that the students could be expelled before they get their day in court.
  2. That's truely insane! where the hell is our society going! I have a personal spot for this, since i was bullied (verbally) in my school years and became depressed. I would bet that if i didn't leave that abusive place, either I or the bullies would have eventually killed me.
  3. OMG. How old are these women? Seriusly they go to College right? should know better by now. I hope they get the punished they deserve.. B****s

  4. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    Dumb college girls! Willing to jeopardize their future by committing this awful crime all coz of boy problems? Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  5. What a bunch of idiots...
  6. It wasn't even the girl who was attacked that was dating the boy? It was her girlfriend? So? Would they have killed the victim, if she was the one actually dating the guy? Unbelievable.......
  7. That's so immature.. what is wrong with people these days?? Did they forget how to communicate and instead resort to caveman behavior??
  8. This story completely disgusted me. I hope that the girls get the punishment that they deserve.
  9. Total bad bunch of idiots!
  10. I wonder if that boy was worth possibly getting kicked out of school for.
    I've seen girls that I went to high school with fight over dirty looks, or talking behind each others backs. I guess they think it's ok to get their hair pulled, and get scratches/scars for these reasons. I always found it better to put that 'energy' into something more productive. I'm so glad I was never a part of that.

    But I will admit that if I were getting hit by some girl thinking I was into her man, I'd sure fight back. :boxing:
  11. Insane morons
  12. what an immature and barbaric behaviour...fighting&beating up others are not good ways to solve things:tdown:
  13. Dumber than a bag of hammers. Can't wait to hear their lawyers explain this one.
  14. I can not imagine them NOT getting kicked out of school. They need to be, and they need to be charged. This isn't a laughing matter. A group of 5 women can easily kill one woman even if it is not intentional. All of the kicking and beating, ugh, it just can kill someone.

    And bragging on facebook. Shows how smart they are- but I am glad that can be used as evidence to further get them in this case.
  15. That is disgusting. And then bragging about it? What have people become? It saddens me to think where the world is going.