5.5 inch wrist ladies, bracelet sizing help!

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  1. Hi ladies, is there anyone here who has a 5.5 inch wrist and wears a 7 inch bracelet? If you do, are you able to share pictures of it on please? :smile: Thanks!!
  2. I think my wrist is about your size and never can wear a 7 inch without adjustments made or my bracelet will slip off my hand.
  3. Same here.
  4. Thanks ladies!!

    Would a 6.5inch bracelet be ok?
  5. same. I won't buy many bangles. I wear cuffs, wraps, links, or stretchies.

    If I get a bangle as a gift I usually slide it up to my forearm. I don't wear many bracelets in the day b/c they get in the way at my desk.
  6. I agree with the forearm idea above. I typically wear a watch and that layering helps too.
  7. Whatever you buy, you should try it on and see if it will slip out of your hand. If it does, then you need to have it adjusted. Believe me, I have the same problem as you, so I tend to lose gold or links as a result, but at least I have no worries of having my bracelet slip off.