5, 10, 15, 20...who's counting anyway?

  1. Here's a peek at my collection.

    I'll start off with my beloved BVs and update as we go along...thanks for allowing me to share.

    BV Collection Nov 07 f.JPG BV Collection Nov 07 g.jpg BV Collection Nov 07 e.JPG
  2. Love the cosmetic cases!
  3. Love ur BV collection! Gorgeous!
  4. Love the red/pink/blk BV the most!!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. great collection!!
  6. Wow, great collection!
  7. Ooh, that taupe-ish bag on the left in the middle pic is gorgeous! What is it? Congrats on your collection! :flowers:
  8. gorgeous collection!!!
  9. Great collection
  10. Nice BVs...are you hinting you have more????
  11. Very nice- thanks for sharing
  12. WOW... that's a FAB collection!!!
  13. OMG - is that a small cabat in ottone I spy?! GORGEOUS!!!!
  14. :drool: WOW
  15. So pretty, I love them all.