$5,000 Worth of Scarves Ruined

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  1. So my hubby was at the Raleigh Saks yesterday picking up his jeans that were being altered. While there, he dropped in on the LV boutique to get me another shawl (the black with silver monogram). He just told me that when he walked in a woman was shopping while her two young children played at the table where the shawls are folded and displayed. He noticed they had burst a water balloon all over the table AND the shawls. He brought it to the SA's attention. She said "that's $5 grand worth of shawls destroyed right there". Apparently the mom did not apologize and also left without buying anything. My jaw is on the floor.
  2. No way! How can they not have held her accountable for the damage?! If you choose to bring your children into a high end store you should at least be keeping an eye on them and not probably should be leaving the water balloons at home!? Insane.
  3. Oh Wow!!! :wtf:
  4. Right!!! What selfish inconsiderate person would have their kids in the mall, let alone LV with a darn water ballon??!! Insane!!!
  5. That's what brat insurance is for.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Who takes a water balloon out to the mall? I always thought there was a 'you break it, you buy it' policy. Same goes for damaging? She is lucky they didn't pin that on her!
  7. I was thinking maybe it was one of those water snake toys that has the jelly water in it? You know how men are. No details, lol.
  8. Hmm you're calling someone else's kids brats. Hopefully you don't have children.
  9. The type of insurance is called "Brat Insurance" and I do have kids just in case you were wondering.
  10. I have kids too, and they can be brats as well. I keep their bratty rear ends out of LV stores.
  11. I bet your kids no better then to play in stores, especially LV ;) lol
  12. Yes... Bars restaurants and taverns insurance.., I think that's what it's called.
  13. I have a clothing store and accidents happen all time that insurance will cover. Ultimately it is the staffs responsibility to ensure that people do not enter the store with anything that could damage the merchandise. Anyway It's only 5000 'worth' of scarves, that sum of 5000 that she came up with is with their profits and taxes added on top of the true cost of the scarves. And what is 5000 dollars for Louis vuitton? No big deal.
  14. I have 4 kids an 17months to 9 years old. Kids are kids an they have Always come to LV with me to make a purches. But in no way do i let my kids bring waterballons or food to a mall. I carry snacks but for a toddler. My kids are guilty for running out of LV on one occassion. BUT have never damaged anything in any store. :smile: *knock on wood*
  15. Is it a joke ?